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  1. Ronald Williams

    Kanye is right tho🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  2. Scott Lee Clayton

    Ohh dear this Campus is gonna end up the new Waco

  3. DreamAngel1967

    I'm so proud of him!!!


    It's so refreshing to see this side of Kanye.

  5. Bryan Safie

    I'm a sick F I like a quick oh sorry Jesus is King 🤔

  6. peace and love

    Glory to Most High God! Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and my savior forever and ever!

  7. Daniel Kooy

    From Saul to Paul, Praise the Lord!!!

  8. Brian Zvaita

    …its always "Power vs Force, im not going to force anything, l do what l have the power to do and if l have to force it, then its probably a situation that l am not supposed to be in… " nice

  9. ChirpieChirpsMia

    This man's mind is all over the place. Kanye just answer the questions.

  10. Superfunk404

    A very honest interview. Loved it.

  11. Ayrton

    I loved when Kanye asked for the guys opinion lmao … I’m enjoying this Kanye a lot haha

  12. Sizwe Majola

    People are going to HATE this interview, just for the sake of HATING . . . and little to do with it content (whether genuine or not)

  13. Angelanosya

    Bro it’s hard to believe that he gave he’s life to Jesus but I really think that he did but it’s not him it’s God that changed him and gave him heart of flesh
    It’s just he made oaths for he’s fame and money to bigger people and they don’t like that he really changed cuz he might just open he’s mouth about the truth how they control population and lie them
    So he might be in a danger.
    Bro believe in Jesus your the man
    And don’t be scared from those people speak the truth let everyone know what’s going on in the world
    Do it for Jesus
    May God bless you and your family

  14. Jarrad O'Neil

    great interview fas far as Kanye interviews go

  15. Sackiema Fennerty

    Solitude is bliss. That's when one can HEAR God…

  16. JESUS CHRIST is King of Kings

    If he's liberal I will not be voting for him to be president!

  17. Prince Ita

    I really bless the lord for you Kanye, you've become a great source of inspiration. I believe God will use you mightily upon the earth.
    I pray that He grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man. Ephesians 3:16

  18. Bluepower Connection

    "i will always remember my meetings & interactions with Jack Dorsey , & i always remember my meetings & interactions with Mark Zuckerberg" i will forgive,but not forget.

  19. Brandon F

    Brilliant mind

  20. Terry Lane

    I want Kanye on JRE.

  21. Ikki Arkez

    Kanye: "I am unquestionably, Undobtedly, the greatest human artist of all time"

    ME: yup hes christian alright with some kanye sprinkled on top..

  22. smashinghappydays

    coherent Kanye PogU

  23. JESUS CHRIST is King of Kings

    Yup propaganda, thank you for being honest! Truth, truth, truth!!

  24. JESUS CHRIST is King of Kings

    Him supporting Trump isn't a practical joke by God, it's called Providence!!

  25. SkrillPill

    i think its great Kanye uses KRK rokits lol

  26. Cd

    This Aussie is a left-wing loser. Greta didnt just start out all by herself she was propped up people who like to use children to spread their marxist propaganda.

  27. A.Frank Blunt


  28. I like to comment

    He is an egotistical driven maniac. It makes me sick that people are buying into this crap. You can't relate to this guy. He's a millionaire married into a family of millionaires. He's the Antonio Brown of the Entertainment industry.

  29. peta rixon

    I love this ! So refreshing …

  30. Ian Escoto

    he interrupted kanye about 9 million times but amazing

  31. Indrajit Banerji

    Imma let you finish…but we all know who the god of the culture is- EMINEM aka Rap God.
    He preached once “god could you arm with this armour, to calm me when there is drama’.

    Big up to Ye tho for his journey 💯

  32. Joanjuicy the Great

    Is not about entertainment but imagination wow!

  33. Melanoid Warrior


  34. Adoralysf Adoralysf

    So many people with faith in God here. Are you all vegan? Do you really care what happens to your fellow man, to sentient animals over which God said we have dominion, to the environment, to the mental health of slaughterhouse workers, to the starving in the world from whom food is denied yet fed to livestock?

    If you really care about humanity you have to be vegan.

  35. Benjamin

    Kanye for Christ. Sounds pretty awesome! 🙌

  36. JESUS CHRIST is King of Kings

    What is he talking about reading ppls minds?? Transcendent state?? Here we go with the God complex..

  37. Adoralysf Adoralysf

    Is he vegan? If he isn’t, he is ill informed and ignorant of the biggest cause of climate breakdown. You can’t be an environmentalist and a meat eater.

  38. Laura Voyce

    I think the New Zealand interviewer, Zane Lowe, was really respectful. It was a beautiful and respectful interview. There is a great reciprocal relationship and so much friendship and professionalism between the two. We are allowed to see Kayne for Kayne. I accredit that to some degree to the interviewer. Maybe because he's of another culture, but i think these two are having more of an in-depth conversation than a standardized interview. They look like they could be two best friends at a BBQ, enjoying a beverage together.

  39. JESUS CHRIST is King of Kings

    He just said he's going to be president of the United States, look out Trump😆

  40. Angela Grant

    The enemy is Satan .

  41. ollielife1

    even kanye fled california regulations! i love this interview right here. its anti-establishment to believe in real ass values. hilarious when zane lowe tries to clarify his left wing beliefs just because kanye made him say donald trump out loud… he is an example of what kanye was talking about right there.

  42. Angela Grant

    Mental illness is demons
    I had every diagnosis of mental illness. Then when Father came for me two years ago and sent me to deliverance. Had massive deliverance of demons. Jesus has been setting me free ever since. The word of God delivers us and sets us free. Jesus ministry Was and still is casting demons out. Healing the sick and raising the dead.

  43. Steven Walter Thomas

    Love your heart. I'm with you now. I understand as a result of your transparency before God. Thank you for that. As a former manager, my urge is to protect the artist. So Proverbs 10:19.

  44. thatgirlok

    Quite the transformation from I am a god to Jesus is King.

  45. Paul Miller

    Century of the Self is a video on youtube… Or maybe the internet… but anyways… It is one of the most important documentaries about consumerism and the current state of our society ever. So stoked to know that Kanye has also seen this. This man is very informed and very shrewd.

  46. ForPETE’S sake

    Fake A new money maker scheme

  47. Marina Keenan

    Kanye looks Great!
    Like a Dreamer
    Teddy Bear in blue..!

  48. BigBadKahuna1

    He’s a Christian innovator 🤔

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