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  1. Patricia Yassi

    He has an amazing voice and he’ll be long remembered long after years to come. Great performer

  2. Lou Jeffrey jays

    Hey Nicole the corrupted FBI's being investigated my lawyer is a ticket to have having a lawsuit against them

  3. Lou Jeffrey jays

    I love home Wreckers better than alcohol family too bad your games didn't work hillbilly Punk

  4. Lou Jeffrey jays

    I always hated your guts your music sucks trying to make me blind you hillbilly Punk who told you to do that ugly Mindy I hope ugly Mindy drops dead

  5. The Villain


  6. Yannelly Gonzalez

    Such a beautiful song.

  7. Lou Jeffrey jays

    I hope ugly Mindy and her daughter drops dead that's not my garbage that's Eddie garbage

  8. Lou Jeffrey jays

    I love my home Wreckers better than the alcoholic family I hate kids

  9. Elida Anguiano

    Haiqa jehewkhssuejsssh we iswjwjsjwikhonhjauanzhaajauqkgbbueshzhssssjm

  10. Richard Wells

    My mom love this song

  11. Anna Santocono

    Beautiful lyrics.

  12. joeyy Jk

    I like how he pull back with the beat in the first 5 sec

  13. Ruth Anderson

    My favorite Keith Urban song

  14. epc Ghoul

    August 2019???? I think so

  15. Belladonna capricorn



    Damn this song just read my mind out and spoke it out loud in such a symphony ..Oh sweet my melody ..

  17. Stoner Girl

    You don't need that guy its so black and white he's stealing your thunder baby bluuuueeee ain't your color

  18. This Girl's Love Stories

    Keith ia cool but I love Jessie James Decker's cover better.

  19. Angel George


  20. Stormy Weather

    Color me Tartan 🌲

  21. Reji GU

    "Black people dont like country!" Fast foward a couple years – Lil nas X and Blanco Brown

  22. Kady Bailey

    I love Keith urban

  23. Kylissia Allen

    This song makes my baby sis go to sleep when she cries😥

  24. mallickeye

    I love this song but chances are she's sitting in the bar cuz she's a f#$king psycho

  25. David Johnson


  26. Marjut Paech

    A new day. New colours. New choices.

    You are unique. Never forget it. Let no one steal your colours, your identity and your passions…Thank you to all rebellious hearts, which would rather die for art, truth and magic than to adapt to an ordinary world. Let no one ruin your true joy of life and true love for life. Be proud of yourself and love yourself. Who else would do it?

  27. Gavin Hoerner

    Me. GOing.

  28. Jim Makeever

    its like the best song good job keith

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