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  1. Zing Zapped

    This hits me so well , thank my Grandaughter . …

  2. Anarchy Lace


  3. E.A F

    Best pop duet in ages!

  4. Beth Davis

    You are so sweet, why? You are a whole country AUSTRALIA and gee Australians have a heart of gold and they never leave a fallen soldier unlike American???? Carrie knows that Toby is a true blue like Donny Trump. Marilyn Monroe

  5. Awesome22

    Been looking for this song for long! I really really love it! I thought it was Enrique Iglesias though!🙈😂

  6. adelin pop

    zero man zero music.drop it.really.this is music? r u kiddin me?its not possible.no.

  7. Ivellisse Ruiz

    That was an awesome video and Keegan Carrie Underwood wearing a torn up raggedy t-shirt or sweater she still rocked it but I love that song

  8. Penn Central 1073

    I shazammed it and said wait a minute is this right? It can't be Carrie and Keith. I really really like this one. Excellent rhythm and lyrics

  9. Shelley Dunlap

    is that Carrie in all the solo dancing too?

  10. Kathy Vanderschans

    I love this song

  11. Ishi Boom

    I’m literally listening to this cause I dance to this in my dance class

  12. Kim Kardashian

    Yes urban

  13. Michael K

    Love this song, most b/c of Carrie Underwood.

  14. debbie glenn

    When ever i hear this song i think of nicole Kidman and her ex Tom Cruise, especially when Keith sings the first verse… this is like keith telling tom you lost nicole, shes mine now!!

  15. Gail Parker

    Love this song….makes me want to jump rope! HAHA HAHA! Yep.

  16. Johnelle Brennan

    I'm listening

  17. Aaron Evans

    The 29k dislikes are from non-Australians.

  18. Persona Iluminada

    !!!(["Flat Earth"])!!!

  19. Drew Rickard

    Now let's all go out and buy a peloton

  20. Gerry Lee

    cool,I want to learn guitar!

  21. Patrick Buglass

    Has Nicole Kidman or Mike Fischer seen this yet? The sht is going…to hit…the fan…

  22. shiva channel

    Very nyc🙏👌

  23. Maria Helena

    Música Top

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