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  1. MeMo

    Kendricking 🤴🏿

  2. Harry Poile

    I watched this without volume…

  3. anindita kanjilal

    Bio teacher : what is dna ?
    Me : the song by kendrick lamar on his album Damn
    Bio teacher : if it were a 1 mark question I would have given you half
    Me to my friends : she is amazing . Another stan of kendrick.
    All my friends and me :😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Abdiwahab Abdi

    Real.. i got to study that at university..

  5. Viva Lalightskin

    The school boy q part had to be my favorite part.

  6. King Reyes

    What 2019

  7. joel brown

    everybody here for uza uza uza betch

  8. Twinkly BubblyBits

    Good GAWD.. I kinda love this dude💞

  9. Gino Von

    Nise one 😉 bru

  10. fateme jahangiri

    me: Damn Rhodey, didn't expect u here
    Don/Rhodey: Well it's me, i'm here, so get over it and move on

  11. bradman 830

    Rhodey goin hard

  12. Bryan Soto

    Chris actually made this music video but he did not. He actually doesn’t remember but it was own life’s and universe recording of the world and Kendrick Lamar made it because he was high that December because how the game work. Chris made it the moment tori touched me. He made a music video and it was this one. The song and the video and this is a true story, the only time he did not sin

  13. The Media

    3:13 when you ded but hear someone saying cardi-B is his favourite singer

  14. The Media

    2:04 my last 2 brain cell arguing over a mcq in exam

  15. KWOCTCrazy

    Kendrick Lamar – DNA Ft. Snoop Dogg & 2Pac

  16. Zeze He

    And this

    Teacher:everyone stand up


  17. Zeze He

    Where you got DNA kendrick-_-

  18. Tore2513 Plays

    Shadow boxing be like: 4:29

  19. Shooter Sanoff

    "Moutherfucker, I got winners on the way" … Bet most on here don't even know what he is saying right there.

  20. stargazer stargazing

    I just took a DNA test turns out am 100% still in love with this song

  21. NJ

    War Machine after Iron Man died

  22. NJ

    War Machine after Iron Man died

  23. NJ

    War Machine after Iron Man died

  24. Gowen Getter

    How the hell does this have 90k dislikes

  25. 나무늬.

    Start 0:46

  26. Ibraham Pervaiz

    I sexually identify as a RTX ti 2080

  27. #宏宏


  28. Kimmll Kimmll

    Cringy vid…

  29. WorthierToast

    Ive never been so confused

  30. apenasmeucanal


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