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  1. 李轩逸

    why not let sports be sports, less political, less disputes. Of course Mory has freedom of speech, but the Chinese also has the right to boycott

  2. Nick Newjersey

    Pussy ass little boy

  3. Jacob Stone 石頌虔

    Yeah, I’m sure NBA players and coaches are just ignorant of the ways of the chinese communist government. Sure.

  4. Zeta Jolyne

    It’s not convenient to say it directly, but please search for information about this man's family. Then you will know that, personally, the deepest fear for him is not the loss of freedom and democracy, but the chaos and violence. Nearly compelling to ask him supporting certain remarks undoubtedly forced him to violate his conscience.

  5. JungleDumplings

    awwwwwww. better find a safe space to hide in; nobody gives a fuck about your feelings. grow up

  6. Street Cat

    Awwww. . Kerr is a lightweight

  7. Jacob Stone 石頌虔

    Steve, your father was a political science professor in an american university promoting american values…

  8. Jacob Stone 石頌虔

    When the nba chose to become a global international game, it should know it comes with the territory. The NBA likes to promote itself to be more than a game, but a voice in social issues. Sorry, you can’t pick and choose and you can’t take that card back. When you chose to extend your market into a nation like China, you cannot with conscience keep a blind eye to issues within the country.

  9. Zzz

    democracy = freedom of my speech + bully any different opinion

  10. Mike Smith

    Trump was right Kerr is American hating hypocrite. He is right he has lived a privileged life and his father may be a hero so why won't he denounce the government of China . I'll tell you why he has compromised himself and does not have the ball's to do the right thing . he lives in a bubble coach basketball and shut about politics

  11. Jordan Dennis

    Communists sympathizer Steve Kerr.

  12. Spencer Stevens

    wow…what a piece of shit.

  13. Spencer Stevens

    Attack Trump people cheer, attack China and it may have an adverse financial effect; so you only attack Trump. You have 0 credibility or principles.

  14. GataBa¡t

    Trump got into Kerr feels 😂 the truth actually hurt him 😂

  15. phil hardy

    Fuck Steve Kerr.

  16. Lijie Zhao

    Trump's people are talking about other country's human right issue. People in US just get shot and die. Thats what I call a human right issue. You don't have the right to be alive. LOL

  17. D D

    Fucking Traitor send him to China.

  18. J Tea

    Sure, Steve. The reality is, you're a leftist coward (redundant, really). You say whatever you want about Trump because he won't throw your puny ass in prison. And you wouldn't DARE say a negative thing about China because you're afraid of what would happen to you next time you play a pre-season game there.

  19. Redpill christopher

    Kerr quiet on china and pushes for gun control,going back in history mao took the guns and lead to over 100
    Million dead and tyranny for 70 years.kerr your a idiot and don't twist this on trump,you are a traitor to america keep getting that Chinese money while pushing for facism in america.

  20. G Love

    Please answer the question Mr. Kerr. We don't need a family history.

  21. Calvin C

    All you who yapping on the internet , what have you done to better America. Nothing! Keep typing you useless commens and it will change jack shit! You still have to pay your bills and let Big Brother suck your blood out! hahahaha

  22. Mc Truthseeker

    Steve Kerr is just a coward who makes easy remarks in a free country, talk shit about Trump, but he doesn't have the guts to criticize China were people don't have freedom of speech or demonstration and were people are totally controlled by a facist government.
    These NBA players and coaches don't understand that standing up for freedom of speech in China is the same as people standing up for the civil rights movement in the 50's/60's

  23. Roger Pean

    Kerr is a bitch. A useless bitch.

  24. Philip Acevedo

    Hey Steve, Phuk Trump and his little boy remarks. This is the UNITED STATES of America FREE SPEECH.

  25. whokoo

    Steve Kerr represents anything that might still be good in America! An amazing person.

  26. Rick Cook

    So Kerr stands up in America, where he knows he's 'safe', and blasts away at Americas President with the same vitriol as his Fascist allies at MSNBC & CNN, but when he's over in CHINA, his mouth takes on a different form; that of a Communist ass kisser. How about you relocate your cowardly, non-patriotic azz over seas and make room for some illegal who would show THIS country the respect it deserves.

  27. neben

    Kerr knew he had a target on his back, and his lip gave it away the second the first guy asked him about China. Nice try Kerr, you are the fool here along with everyone else in the NBA. Of course Trump is going to call you out, he doesn't have to take your political statements lying down. I doubt the other 4 presidents would have been so cordial if you had jumped on the media bandwagon to bash on them.

  28. Phil Boucher

    Holy fuck audio

  29. Rosey Palm Trees

    Alexa. What's a useful idiot?

  30. Gee Kay

    China is able to put their people in re-education camps because their populace isn’t allowed to have AR-15’s, Kerr is exposed as a pathetic scared weasel.

  31. mbolduc

    Fuck Steve Kerr, fuck the NBA and especially fuck China and the Marxist idiots who support it

  32. Thegamer rune

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