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  1. Summer Newsome

    2019 ❤

  2. daddy cx

    Im not a fan of the way kevin gates is liveing but it has nothing to with me likeing his music

  3. Micah Bennett

    Is he rapping about space? I don’t understand these rappers today. What’s a satellite in slang?

  4. tara 2019

    My jam Ayyyeeee 2019

  5. K Bug

    Honestly I think that with the cap it makes him more different but still he has REALLY GOOD music 😛

  6. Hoopfan83

    September 2019

  7. Jose Serna

    who in 2019?
    since mexico 😛

  8. Kfx Guy

    Did this dude really say he’s Michael Jackson reincarnated? Lmao. No. Decent song, but you are not Michael sir.

  9. Billy Mills

    This song was just hitting hard when my wife passed away it reminds me of her so much she was and always be my ride till we both die chick you cant love another when your heart is filled for that one true love

  10. David Harding

    Most underrated RAPPER in the industry. Give me a 👍if you agree.

  11. Nymia Price

    The Promise Keepers by John Price on Amazon "The Business"

  12. Ryan Church

    September 2019 and still a hit 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  13. Donella Davis

    This joint still ride!!

  14. Alanna Chapman

    Miss you guys

  15. Bobby Wallace

    Grew up poor ate off papper plates
    I still do bc it's called lazy people lol

  16. Alex Steffenhagen

    One of my favs

  17. Driipy Ac

    My shit nocap

  18. Victoria Truxal

    Fine as hell

  19. Karlos Martinez


  20. Kaytlynn Stacey

    Hey jojo

  21. V G

    A boss comes in an Infiniti? Lolll

  22. Devon King

    Who here September 2019??😂

  23. John Utley

    still a banger in September 2019 BWA Hit that like upppp

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