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  1. Mark Burke

    I wish you could make about 2 of these videos a week. They are great

  2. BareJokesTV

    Dude can easily blend in as Henry Cavill/Superman

  3. Tsalis Abida Nurdin

    He's big fan of cupping lol

  4. Detroit Rock City

    He said 40 50 pills a day lol

  5. Wrist Game Icy you feel me

    What’s with the weird voice over edit

  6. Cedrick B.C

    His taste in music is incredible

  7. Jordan West

    He’s been trash ever since he left the timberwolves

  8. TheCueballer2690

    This voiceover is really lame.

  9. Elyssa Aquino

    Bane called, said he wanted his mask back.

  10. Marc Alexander

    These are the best! Love the whole series

  11. Rudie Obias

    Showing love to Kevin Love! Go Cavs!!

  12. Troubleman313

    cant find Veho care anywhere on web.

  13. pickle ell

    He carried LeBron to that ring in 2016 and remains humble about it, a real legend

  14. Dixie Normous

    3:45 the thing he was talking about, what is it called?

  15. sneaker freaker

    40-50 PILLS A DAY?!

  16. Miguel Nepomuceno

    Need to post that dark chocolate recipe man!

  17. lovelle spice

    Disliked for one time use plastic bottles. Like really?

  18. George Bran

    He’s so mentally weak. He’s got no Kobe or Jordan in him. Milk toast 🥛 🍞

  19. Ventura Arreola

    Kevin Love was one of the first basketball players that I know and liked

  20. armando carrillo


  21. Prajjwal Pokhriyal

    He is so cool



  23. Nicolaas Strik

    No dairy…he has waffles with vanilla bean ice cream on top??? Ok?

  24. Corrupt Cop God

    Dude can you do a regular video and leave out the cheesiness. Good god. Such a good concept but there is zero reason to put the cheesiness in there. Its not funny and it just takes away from the content. Take a page from WIREDs videos they get 10x the views these videos do.

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