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  1. Lawrence Sullivan

    the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949 not 1921 which is an indication of just how little these people know. They're both China haters who want nothing but to hurt other people including in the US like farmers who are already suffering with dramatic drops in soybean exports to China down 70 % over last year.

  2. Mark walker

    so you like what Trump is doing with China. Well Mr Wonderful do the two Canadian citizen in jail because of the arrest of that girl in Vancouver do they think Trump is doing a wonderful job. Your a Candian citizen you should be ashamed of yourself

  3. Shawn Lewis

    Way to go patriots, tell it like it is! Trump 2020! MAGA!

  4. michael douglas


  5. xiaojie

    Lol low IQs are killing US.

  6. Jim Christl

    Watch as the house of cards come falling in China.

  7. Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    Slip slidin away.

  8. Rougé Moonchild

    2021 assuming trump is gonna win reelection thats funny…. and if i think xi is gonna be leaving anytime soon ur smoking rocks no body is gonna bow to the United states

  9. H Pn

    Fyi… Goldman is a special interest group who were bailed by Obama.

    I don't believe anything they say.

  10. Jose de la Cuadra

    Son like O Leary is coming around!

  11. Johnnie

    These guys are nuts…Xi's movements to stay in office permanently have been going on for years. And he will be in office still while we're in re-election, these statements make no sense at all, except to kiss Trump's butt!!

  12. Yichuan Xu

    Gordon Chang sent you a friend request…

  13. thejeffinvade

    So, Xi went through all that hustle to change the constitution, eliminating term limits so that he can retire mid-term in 2021? Does Jim even know Xi's current mandate as party boss is from 2017 to 2022? Does he even know the Chinese Communist party standing committee runs in 5 years terms? Apparently not.

  14. Strawberry Kiys

    0:30 ''Xi's reign and the communist party may be over. This notion of invinsibility of Xi is made up by the Western press''

    jesus christ, you guys are worse than Alex Jones sometimes, can Cramer say anything more ridiculous


    Can china ever win a trade war when they export 5X of what they import from the usa?
    What other country will take china's merch without adding huge tariffs?
    Can Xi find anyone else on the planet who will give china the same terrible trade deals that clintin/obama gave him?
    Did you say No, No, and No?

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