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  1. Victor Olvera

    The Point: "Can Trump force U.S. companies out of China?"
    Matt Priest: "Thats not an environment for success (the environment created by Trump)"
    The answer to the question is therefore yes

    China likes American money
    -> yay 🙂
    China has good consumer market
    -> Ok, then lower the tarrifs there so Americans can enjoy Chinese money. Thats what Trump is upset about

    I can see your bias "CGTN: The Point" – tsk tsk tsk shame.
    Most African nations are upset because China appeals to the elite but not to the people. The win-win tactics are between African governments and Chinese government but the people really loose out. China has similar setup with the US. American CEOs get good Chinese money but not American people. Trump hereby has my respect again for protecting the well being of the American people not just the American CEOs.

    Note: If I got Trump right, he is itching for sanction rights against China. sooo, be kind to Hong Kong.

    If you want to stay, suck it up a year longer (minimum).
    He can stop financial transactions to China, so it can get worse.
    I do hope if the Democrats win; due to some really bad recession; they can still see thru Chinese bias.

  2. shaolintemple

    costco closed in 5 hours the first day, is because, all the packaged cooked food were eaten and mess up, people start to pee openly, old people break bones. amazon , walmart withdraw because their fun experience. now all the money they made ( if they did) is not allow to change into us dollar.

  3. shiv kumar

    Trump is taxing his own people in a fight against china…

  4. buster crab

    "CHINA , KICK THE AMERICAS OUT OF your GREAT HOMELAND" !!!!!!!!!! China needs america for NOTHING teach USa a lesson stop all exports coming in america and see how long it take before US starts begging for your help and products to return trump is 100% miss using the power of his office he is an evil dictator and will dictroy the US

  5. omegafile

    The American government is looting it's people. It will cause a crash because people will run out of spending money and start defaulting on their mortgages. The banks will end up with everything and the people with nothing. It will cause a depression like never seen before.
    What's the point in wasting years making a deal when America will break the deal just like they broke all the arms treaties and the Iran deal.
    It's a crazy clown show as dumb as a fantasy cartoon. A circus show run by a bunch of senile elites who have lost their marbles and are doing everything they can to stop innovation and advancement.

  6. scott szpyrka

    It’s refreshing to see troll factories hard work … keep up the pretend comments

  7. kzh

    China has her best agent in White House, who is making China great again.

  8. K C Koay

    China's 2018 trade surplus with the U.S. was $360 billion (export: $480 billion; import: $120 billion).

    However, this trade surplus did not include, (i) some $158 billion in aggregate profits made by the top 20 U.S. companies in the S&P 500 from their operations in China; and (ii) over $20 billion in charges paid by China for the use of American intellectual property (such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements, and franchises). Besides, handsome profits are being made by American companies which import goods from China for distribution and sale in the domestic market.

    In sum, the actual deficit in China’s favor was not as bad as the U.S. portrayed it to be.

  9. Hiep Nguyen

    America don't need to Trade Deal with China because China's no one CAN Trusted. China they're super Cheating on the World, China's super LIER, all of China are FAKES.
    If without China America and the World will be Better. If President Donald Trump SWEAP OUT Socialism communist on the World He Save so many millions peoples china in their COUNTRY.
    China peoples terrible LIFE under China Socialism communist and other Countries. China Communist they are Evil.

  10. Bi'er ShenShan

    China should be aware that TRUMP follows the Art of War to the letter. So, China, be careful with letting your own wisdom destroy the GREAT WORK you have done."Demon" "Crazy" is just that, demonic crazy ruling. It has been ruling many empires since humans started using writing history. and even before then. What the world needs is socialism. We are a body and not isolated cells. We need cells to socialize and work as a body. "Demon" "Crazy" on;y seeks the health and wealth of a tiny few. What Mark and China are showing to the world… it is the spark that can send humanity into the next stage of our evolution. I pray the Eternal will bless your leaders with WISDOM to be perseverant and resilient to stop the bullying behaviour of "Demon" "Crazy" leaders coming from the west.

  11. pearlgarden29

    China should just ban USA companies from china shores so trump don’t have to complain too much that means Ivanka got to saw her own dresses or can you envision trump Jr., Eric trump little baron and the First Lady convert the 38th floor in Trump Tower a little sawing workshop to make trump ties??

  12. zoezoe610

    The thing to remember with China is that they have a history of being pushed down by imperialism and no imperialist leader ( Trump ) is ever going to have an advantage over China again. For China it is meet in the middle or nothing at all. Trump is saying too that even if a deal is made most of the tariffs will remain, he is not a leader at all but a bully on all levels.

  13. zoezoe610

    The problem with Trump is that his ego won't let him compromise even when it will hurt his own country. To Trump his pride is more important.

  14. James Tan

    Can Trump force? Hello, nobody is forcing. Trump is calling. You have language problem?

  15. Gabriel Tang

    The president would be going to freeze commie's assets in America, come home ASAP.


    Trump speech is it democracy or dictatorship

  17. Hazel Somaya

    Its like simple Simon cutting the branch of a tree on which he is sitting 30 feet up, wrong way. Might be fatal/cause injury.

  18. UNiCoRn PeGaSuS

    Yes We Can!!. Get out of thief chinese lands good US companies.


    Leave….why would you do business with thieves!

  20. Pastor Hass

    Every time that Stratford guy opens his mouth, he lies for the benefit of the US.
    He's not serious about making a good deal. He's serious about fooling China.
    (I'd recommend that Mrs. Liu Xin does not invite that guy ever again.)

  21. Dallas Taylor

    If you ever confused about Trump's behavior it's probably because you think he isn't the dumbest person on the planet. The confusion disappears when you realize he's almost brain dead.

  22. N Silva

    Order the new Costco to close Trump!! HAHAHA.. he is screwed!!

  23. tung2tung

    Yes and No.
    Yes because there are examples where the US has sanction countries from doing business such as Iran and Cuba.
    No because China trade is too critical to US society. Forcing US companies out of China will hurt everyone deeply.
    China provides not only cheap products in large bulk and many customers, but also capital for American businesses and ideas for their universities and research institutions. Also, all the other countries are watching this trade war carefully. If Trump keeps going at it, the other countries will also make plans and moves to counter the Americans.

  24. Tarisai Mpofu

    What is the deal actually? Its always like a fair deal? Define what is that deal that needs to be fair. Is the deal about sharing American companies or sharing technology or what?

  25. Christopher

    YES……absolutely Trump can force U.S. companies out of China because he is a DICTATOR, he is a TERRORIST and a threat to humanity. In other words, he is fucking CRAZY.

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