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  1. Ronzig the Wizard

    The fact is that DARPA is years ahead of anything China has been able to do in military uses of AI. America thinks of AI first and foremost as a weapon or weapon enhancement tool and then secondly as a corporate money maker and last as a public benefit. where china first considers AI as a public benefit and last but not least as a military tool. Just Google DARPA and you will see that they are way ahead in military AI and that is just the information that is allowed to be shown. The worst of the advancements are Top Secret and won't be seen except in battle. I say worst because it is a major mistake to train AI how to make killing people it's primary objective. eventually that kind of mistake will bring is the Terminator and Sky Net. Just ask Elon Musk what he thinks of AI.

  2. TroPICAll

    An advanced AI will one day be coordinating the Chinese military, ballistic missiles interception, managing the labor force, production capacity, energy consumption, national finance and monetary policy, and developing even greater technology.

  3. Bb

    What else but envy jealousy selfish egomaniac

  4. Ray Chui

    The Hong Kong riot is over, but the US Congress and western media want to encore the riot shows in Hong Kong. Democracy and freedom are just the excuses for US Senators and Congressmen, they love to watch Hong Kong violence, fighting and killing. Most American people like it. Don't let it stop!

  5. Ankh Maat Hotep

    The host/moderator is great but she must stop cutting into guest while they are speaking and let them make their point…

  6. M C

    Smith spanked them hard and they cried.

  7. Dan He

    They accumulated the wealth from wars,then monopoly the high technologies to control the trade initiative with other countries, then they can continue harvesting their cheap labor and resources forever, very smart and good plan.

  8. 漢仔

    China must not follow US path of economic development. China should put in huge investment in human capital, in the middle income family and must not lost its manufacturing capabilities. Look far. In the future, you will not only need high tech , but high manufacturing and engineering skill. If your industrialization is not strong, how do you go to space?

  9. 漢仔

    Napoleon once said ‘ The more your enemy doesn’t want you to do something, the more you should do.’ US forte is technology ,petro dollar, finance. Wealth is power . Without wealth, the power will disappear as well. So their military will withdraw back to their own bases once their wealth cannot support the huge expenditure in their military.

  10. niarlatotepbasset

    …well guess what, MR. Smith, robots don't buy stuff, therefore your ''anal-isis'' that ''technology progress would lead people to be jobless'' is pure idiocy…if that is so why don't you implement that ''philosophy'' in U.S.

  11. niarlatotepbasset

    …the U.S. corporate government will watch entire world burn just to satisfy their psychotic need to be ''No.1''…

  12. Huan xia Zheng


  13. Francis Li

    US are sore losers whining like a little B.

  14. Leroy Hill

    Lol they do to every country japan,south korea,Germany etc lol the devil stays being the devil smh

  15. asia sushi

    First Huawei 5G, now AI. Isnt it obvious US can't compete fairly thus resort to dirty methods.

  16. legal eagle

    can china be trusted in everything they say ? just saying

  17. Ger Xiong

    Mr Smith is a laughing stock

  18. Ger Xiong


  19. Cedric Wai

    America doesn’t want to admit that China is taking over as the world No1 superpower, overtaking America which can’t swallowed her pride.

  20. Nightcor EDM

    USA isn't a country, it's like a rogue state

  21. Levine Levine

    Fact: USA is the world’s #1 weapon maker, seller, and exporter. China is ranked somewhere around 6th, below USA, France, UK, Germany, Russia, Netherlands. USA has already deployed AI in several weapon systems.

  22. Levine Levine

    @6:57, Smith in so many words: Just as China has many smart workers employed in the field of AI, there are also many smart people working in Silicon Valley (in developing AI). Has Smith ever visited Silicon Valley? Had he visited the area, he would have noticed the disproportionate number of Asians, especially Chinese, working in the field of computer science which encompasses AI. How embarrassing.

  23. Levine Levine

    @4:53, Smith said in so many words: As China achieves greater success in AI, more Chinese will be jobless. Those are the words of an ignorant man at best, a fool at worse. Had Smith lived during the early 1900’s, he would have said the horseless carriage will create massive joblessness in everything related to horse transportation and horse propulsion. The horse breeders, blacksmith, horse stable owners, horse doctors, and horse custodians will all be doomed to poverty. The farmers will go bankrupt as they were unable to secure a steady supply of horses to plow their fields. Smith will have said the invention of the telegraph would create massive joblessness among the business that transport mail: pony express, railroad, and other mail carriers. Smith will have said the invention of the phonograph would create massive joblessness among musicians as people no longer need to attend live musical performances. All theses examples and more are the myopic observations of ignorant or foolish people. Today, we know the auto industry employ millions of workers from various trades such as steel, glass, rubber, artist, financier, sales, advertisers to janitors — many times more than the horse industry; the telegraph lead to the telecommunication industry which employs tens of million of workers in various specialities: transmission, electronic equipment designers, manufacturing, maintenance, construction, satellite deployment, sales, accountants, computer scientists, and etc. ; as the phonograph increased people’s awareness and appreciation for music among the masses, hundreds of new orchestras sprung up across USA employing tens of thousands of musicians materialized to fill the demand for live performance . Music was once the luxury of the nobility and royalty. Today, the modern music and entertainment industry employ tens of millions workers, artist, and entertainers providing music to all 24/7/365. Without the invention of the phonograph, there would be no Hollywood, and world could not enjoy the music and movies produced by millions of workers from around the world. Smith , a former US assistant Defense Secretary has embarrassed himself before a global audience with his stupidity. We once had doubt as to the intelligence of those who work in the upper echelon of the US government. No more. Obviously, USA should welcome China implanting some AI into Smith’s brain.

  24. Stikibits

    The USA is a lunatic society run by total nutjobs.
    You can't believe aq thing they say…like all tyrannical lunatics.

  25. Eric M17


  26. Seven Ho

    This is not particularly U.S
    Is anxious other country like
    Japan for instance is silently
    Anxious simple reason being economics . The Chinese competitors are
    Afraid of lossing the market
    To cheap Chinese products .
    Which China have all the
    Means to produce.China must be magnanimous and
    Generous . Let others also
    Have a share . There are enough to satisfy everyone
    Need. But not enough to
    Fill everyone greed. By the
    Way . Greed. Often lead to

  27. Walking TimeBomb

    A king of the hill does not know that NOBODY can be the King Of The Hill FOREVER and forever they're afraid and fearsome that if it could… they can no longer be the KING…
    This Giant of the west is afraid of the might of this up and coming Dragon of the east.. what is the point of fighting fire with fire when the dragon itself breath fire..!!

  28. Primo Yliaster

    Microsoft & other Western tech companies helped China develop the ststems of mass surveilance, facial recognition CCTV surveilance cameras.

  29. Samy Bouzaglo

    US is worried because they will lose support from Modi and their Indian microsoft team since the rise of China Ai means more secure cyber security from cyber scam

  30. Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen

    Google,Facebook are spy and wiretapping and listening for their government, but Trump is playing the victim here.

  31. Rui Qiang zeng

    China has surpassed America long shot, 100 times in every way and form, just that America blows lot hot air into its system, wealth, technology, culture, look, power, freedom etc… 100 times. Just go America visit witness yrself, it look like Mexico now or worse. Kakakakak, whitemen are just delusional high of themselves but reality they're just bottom feeders, trouble makers terrorist dictator war mongar Invaders losers, debtbeat hibily.

  32. Ronnie Siew

    Americunt not only worries about China AI but also China technology advancements by 2025 because USA is very paranoid with losing world hegemony domination , as much as on space breakthrough and advancements and eventually US currency domination too ! Meaning Americunt can't do much to his likes to serve his selfish evil geopolitical control on every big or small countries❗


    fake american.

  34. Hot Soup

    Why the US so determined to undermine China's advancement in AI? Even a minor would know the answer lol

  35. Gabe Perry

    China only outperforms in theft not in innovation

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