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  1. Nathan Brumfield

    Wish I had the guitar tab for this

  2. beverly jacinto

    NO WOW! pls

  3. Wendy Nkomo

    khalid's songs take me to a different world

  4. SLAYER_YT13

    Go sub to me please need the subscribers

  5. Hamdaan Bahar


  6. Olivia Ortiz

    this videography is great !

  7. PtownMoto

    I bet a ton of shallow brown boy lovers like this…trump 2020

  8. Bisa

    love their voices together!

  9. Hannah Taylor

    Just for you bro ????

  10. Patricia Wallace

    love this kat saved my life a time or two love you !!

  11. Mr Cowboy

    lol this video was posted on my birthday

  12. bjorn ziegler

    Your show was great tonight bro #ziggodome #amsterdam

  13. Qabil Qarayev


  14. Michaella de Guzman

    i have a hundred chance this is a very good song a 100%

  15. Shanel Forest

    I felt this whole song in my SOUL 😭♥️

  16. Yoseline O

    No huele a gato🎶

  17. Jezzhalo

    wow, new fan

  18. Cheyenne Piche

    This song speaks to me so much

  19. Ketaz

    Can someone tell me if it's a samoyed dog or not, having a discussing with my gf, she claims it's a husky I say samoyed

  20. tijerina96

    2:52 the beat tho 🤘

  21. anggiriskiYT

    i love it <3

  22. beverly jacinto


  23. Laura Sally


  24. Michelle Hostutler

    This song is way too beautiful!! Both artists are sooo unbelievably talented & amazing!!

  25. Queen Simpson

    Ah male Tracy Chapman ❤️💯

  26. Erick Reyes

    How can I buy the jacket Kane Brown is wearing?

  27. luca xd

    listen to it high, close your eyes, get in your feels

  28. Julie Johannes

    Khalid's music is always the best love this guy😍🌎

  29. Hiral Ahir

    Beautiful 🔥

  30. ney war

    anyone knows similar songs like this?

  31. John Watters

    Youtube is so much cooler than social media. Thanks for listening or reading, whichever one works for you!

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