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  1. Brykage 04

    Its john wick without hair

  2. Danny Wynn

    oh look a cowboy
    I hate fucken cowboys

  3. Sagara Sousuke

    The ragdoll is much more satisfactory than the new Hitman.

  4. Andrew Hickinbottom

    I love Dunkey's "I'm hitmaaaan" voice

  5. betterine

    "Terminus… Terminator… Kill EVERYONE."
    Association level: Psychopath.

  6. Dominic Bullock

    is this YouTuber the one who holds the record for bowsers big bean burrito?
    I can’t believe it

  7. osricen

    This game was bad, huh…

  8. david burrus

    Cabellas Cop Hunter

  9. Televisão Assasina


  10. TrackFocused

    mass shooting simulator: 1999

  11. Dauth Eldrvaria

    God so many civilian casualties….

  12. Jacob Robert

    0:10 I laughed so hard that my stomach hurts 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Ihere123

    3:20 He didn't realize that he was out of shotgun ammo…

  14. Rick Garxia

    fuck you dunky, i hate your videos cause your black

  15. arthur borges

    Years ago… I was chinese

  16. Dylan Wonenberg

    Play for honor

  17. Jengordyn Foreskin

    "Are you intoxicated"
    "I am Sneakmaaaan"

  18. Black Adam

    Batman normally protects america from chinaman.

  19. Sathiya Narayanan

    This new Call of Duty game looks cool and the stealthier than ever before

  20. Dan

    It's stealth if no one lives to tell the tale

  21. Griffin J

    Oh look a cowboy I FUCKING HATE COWBOYS

  22. sonicsp33d 16

    Dunkey is the sneakiest guy I know

  23. Bruh Moment

    Best stealth gamer i have ever witnessed

  24. Jed Enas

    Eeeiiiimmm mmmetal man

  25. A Random tomato

    What was I supposed to see? Everything was so sneaky I only saw a black screen

  26. Hailey H

    Me holding up to my new years resolutions

  27. William S

    Seeing you you reloading that revolver after every shot physically hurt me.

  28. Nate

    "We're gonna take a little stealthier now." Proceeds to fire shotgun.

  29. ʜᴏᴡᴀʀᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀʟɪᴇɴ

    Terminus? t e r m i n a t o r! , kIll eVerYone!!

  30. Rhlgull

    I like how you spared the maid at the end

  31. EliteCrusaderGamer

    Who are you playing as? I don't see hitman or hear your voice. This video is very different than the others.

  32. Dio

    Oh this

  33. Minty Cold

    put on easy coz dunk is casul

  34. THE _ VOID

    It's just a prank, bro

  35. Niels Karwatzki

    More like shitman

  36. Matt D

    psycho mantis!?

  37. Lazar Petrović

    hitman rambo

  38. Bacon Flavored Cola

    "Hey look, a cowboy- I fucking hate cowboys!"

  39. Omega STING

    actually loved this game, did 100% of it on the xbox 360

  40. Gleebit's YTchannel

    You're so sneaky

  41. Noé Archambot

    "I'm gona hit you mannnnnnnnnnn" – the comedian man

  42. Samo2165

    They should fix the recoil on Fuck Scream Absolution

  43. Andrew Hickinbottom

    Needs more BOTTLE BLAST

  44. jed_beezel

    When Dunkey turned Hitman into Hotline Miami

  45. Solid Snake


  46. Kirschi Ger


  47. Jay Loves Stars

    publicly shoots down four people
    Oops. An accident. Look what I did on accident.

  48. EmilyW

    Praying as an Asian I hope dunkey doesn't disappoint me by that title

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