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  1. HoodieLuis

    Who else here before a mill

  2. dylan

    hard asf

  3. damarcuswilson1

    I bet Jay Z wouldn't have snatched Von's phone

  4. Blurred Out Penis

    My Guys Deep Fry Shit Like Popeyes
    Never lacking staying on point see everything like I'm Cockeyed🔥🔥.

  5. Mike Peezy

    That shit ride! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Alex Houston

    This shit gas

  7. Chris Rowland

    Im an oldhead and I think King Von is fenna have the hottest album of 2020

  8. Jayden100

    Bap boom von 💯

  9. Mac Tv

    One of the coldest in Chiraq 🖕🏾🔥 anybody who against OTF

  10. victor maldonado

    “My drake just caught two niggas back to back”🔥

  11. HotHead 01

    Killers rapping now

  12. Araf Chowdhury

    Played this song to my dog,he’s now my dawg

  13. Araf Chowdhury


  14. Araf Chowdhury

    "I'll probably catch ah body before I catch ah cold" 🥵🥵

  15. Araf Chowdhury

    If you here before 1M like dis comment

  16. vVISIN SCraP

    dont let them use your lyrics if you do go to jail

  17. 606nate


  18. G Skeezo

    I'll probably catch a body before I catch a cold 🤧😷

  19. Bulsho bile official Osman

    This beat is harder than my dad belt 🤣 🤣🤣 🤣

  20. Newman Ladee

    Wtf they not fucking with my nigga🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥰

  21. Joel Kayeye

    Here before a mill went to da o and I saw da von 💫

  22. King Christopher LA ave

    I aint tryna fuck a nigga bitch im tryna fuck his Mama🤣🤣 💯

  23. Kidd Cashh

    this make me wanna flex on my ex that ain’t my ex😂🔥🔥

  24. bmetr1

    Nice fake asss rolex. Lol godamn that shit looks ugly af

  25. wylliamalfaro

    I see everything like I'm cockeyed LOL

  26. MiR Mufasa


  27. Montegia Graham

    chiraq take over

  28. selig7

    This is 🗑

  29. Eli 1700

    Von + Reese = 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Mackboi_tye 23

    Levon james on da way 🔥🔥🔥

  31. LULU Barnes


  32. Dallas Mcdade

    This song go hard

  33. K L0

    That beat !!!!! CMONNNNN

  34. Woke Dolphin69

    When the walls said “white”

    I felt that

  35. Nico Loso

    Tec and king von 2 youngins going hard in 2020 they blowing this year I'm calling it.

  36. Sai Kash

    My boy fucked up about that bitch leaving him in jail lol

  37. Shanice Rich


  38. B 33

    New Orleans Check In ,,,, Shout Out Dat Chi !!!!!    https://soundcloud.com/b3trillest/b3-birdviewfreestyle

  39. Shango Miller


  40. E M3


  41. Kill Locc

    King von is trash

  42. Erica Bailey


  43. Ricky22’

    Yo von like this shit !!

  44. Underdog Jizzle

    Let’s get it bitch 🖤

  45. xkev0x 2


  46. Almighty Glo

    Camera in the toilet witnessing the hardest shit ever

  47. Bryan Munk

    Kant lie that's how it be ur girl start calling the homies u gotta stay quiet like bro tell her u Abit ssee me or talk to me but soon as the phone hang up back to my convo wassup shawty slide thru gang and on shit we trynna get lit

  48. Phill Jackson


  49. Donny Ducote

    Real Gz Don't hypnotize people

  50. Justin Braxton

    dam dis bitch hard asf!

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