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  1. Armonite

    Crazy, over the rainbow, he is crazy

  2. vanillacokejunky

    cant believe this is a pink floyd tribute… no wonder my father approved of this game's music

  3. Westsider

    und er kommt dir straaange vor, der typ mit der chainsaw, es ist faaaav yoaaar

  4. James Dygert

    There is a tune in the movie "bad grandma's" that is eerily reminiscent of chrino triggers trial tune. I suspect the CC tune inspired the movies tune.

  5. Hal9000ize


  6. Andrew Mihovich

    Thinking through the Phoenix Wright jokes…

    In Guardia of 1000 AD, by the sound of it, the judge can be swayed by testimony, but still bang out a lesser sentence for a smaller crime at the end.

    And then the Chancellor, with Crono in the system but out of the light, can push through the execution he's gunning for.

    Ace Attorney's 20XX Japanifornia, though… disquietingly free with doling out the death penalty, is one charge, one (three-day-at-most) trial, bent towards guilty verdicts, and it's at least above-board enough that nobody I'm aware of gets executed off the books. Murdered, maybe out of vengeance, but not state-snuffed.

    All of this limited to relatively brief dialogue.

  7. SchmidttyGames

    Every single person who has played Chrono Trigger has been falsely convicted of a crime and sentenced to death. Funny how that shitty jail didn't keep a single one of us locked in.

  8. FreelancerAT

    Und er kommt die Strange vor, der Typ mit der Chainsaw/

  9. Cloud Strife

    Worst lawyer in The Kingdom of Guardia.

  10. The Milkman

    Not guilty.

  11. Drax Ranger


  12. No Greater Love

    I demand a trial by combat

  13. teslarobot

    Wondering if this is based on The Trial by Pink Floyd?
    The composers are Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu. On Nobuo's Wikipedia entry it mentions Pink Floyd as one of his influences. This is in regards to an article about him which can be checked in the references.

  14. Connor Davis

    If the King of Fallen Kingdom Saw Herobrine kill the knight, this would of played instead of Fallen Kingdom

  15. Beau -

    I was such a good person in this game. I didn't steal the old mans lunch, I fed the damn cat, I let Marle run around as she wished, and  I bought some damn flowers…. still the chancellor puts me in prison…. what an ass

  16. Matt Hoffkin

    Man, the chancellor is such a dick.

  17. BIDAK

    idk why but even back then the music theme for politics always sounded so "corrupt".. it's amazing just how Yasunori Mitsuda portrayed this!

  18. Brendan

    Tear down the Wall!

  19. Matthis Schroeder

    F.A.V. 2011 :3

  20. joe mobly

    But you're still hungry.

  21. Ryowhosakazaki

    More Phoenix Wright jokes. 😀

  22. Tiffany Lin

    Where's Phoenix Wright when you need him?

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