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  1. GalacticHypernova


  2. The Vault The Official Channel


  3. PKDeluxe

    The Squeak Squad remix of this is so great…

    …Too bad it only plays for one level in that game ;-;

  4. Bella Duprey Suchowolec

    This is one of my favorite level themes in any video game 😀

  5. Zalure

    This is just one of many amazing tracks from that game.

  6. SwagKirby

    I call this level Autumnland

  7. Steve Naive

    Miss this….

  8. whipmanx3

    0:49 – onward : MAGIC!!!

  9. Lapis Universe

    This could be great for christmas!

  10. Nate Dailey

    Im glad there are people who recognize this awesome game.where im from its unheard of.

  11. Nate Dailey

    Makes me wana walk in the woods while its fall season.

  12. Rich Gumpert

    This was my favorite son from Crystal shards.  I remember standing at the beginnin of this level with the bomb/fire (fireworks) combo, listenin to this tune blasting fireworks over and over again, trying to match my explosions to the slower part of the song. Cheesey I know, but I was very easily entertained back then 🙂

  13. musicissoul64

    Right in the childhood :')

  14. Kayla Sullivan

    Brings me back

  15. Terry 309

    still the best soundtrack in the kirby series….

  16. CY Cheng

    Good times

  17. Angela Peppers

    For some reason, this tune came to mind when I first heard Gotye's "Somebody I used to know", it sounds a bit similar in my opinion..

  18. Sarah Barker

    For some reason, I love listening to this music while watching snow fall.

  19. The Michael

    Can we all agree that this is pure, concentrated, nostalgic bliss?

  20. Danny Motta


  21. ActivistVictor

    This song NEEDS to be in the next Kirby game. It's just that simple

  22. SG

    This is the best song for the quiet months of fall august and september. Memories 🙂

  23. scottwolfe92

    Nostalgia 🙂

  24. ash1skater

    i used to spam with the double lightsaber on this level hahaha

  25. cyphacirclemusic

    Absolutely brilliant description.

  26. hyperx72

    Didn't think much of this song at first, got it stuck in my head so here I am…

  27. fjdpaco

    0:49 is also in: bach toccata and fugue in d minor and the theme for good luck charlie

  28. EmeraldGroove

    That is the best description I've ever heard.

  29. John Lsmith


  30. Barbara B

    My favorite level and music to visit, and it never gets old no matter how many times I play the game.

  31. Kirbeh

    this song is truly magical. i can barely listen without gettin teary-eyed

  32. Nyarlathotep


  33. Solv

    Well, this is relaxing~

  34. 23mustang32

    im christian too but youre comment is hilarious

  35. Bee Beep


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