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  1. mauroxalonso martinez

    Shit vídeo

  2. amangogna68

    Great song, nice singer.

  3. PK

    Klingande nunca decepciona 👌🏾

  4. Rishab Dixit

    Best song
    Story are the best and enjoy this beautiful song 🙌🙌

  5. Klingande

    Wow thanks for all the great feedbacks here! 🙌🏻

  6. MixFix Play

    Музыка отличная, но ничего не понятно

  7. AXBlast MG

    When I see Bright Sparks in a song it's instant like because i already know the song will be good!

  8. SAV G

    If this is blue you love Ultra music 

    (Btw on the road to 350 ❤✨ any help is appreciated!)

  9. Ma_Rc_23

    Its one of the best dark and erotic songs this year

  10. Fab yolla

    Sounds good

  11. Goveen Sandasen

    good track with a good storyline…

  12. OptimusPrime

    Good music 🙂

  13. bk-x records 記錄

    F a b u l o u s 🌃🌮☄️💛

  14. imperialpop

    C’est l’acteur qui joue Kylian dans Demain Nous Appartient non ?

  15. Silverstone Serenity

    video doesn't match the song

  16. paweł szczepanik

    amazing song and strange video situation

  17. Matthew Cuming

    Needs more cowbell

  18. Серёга Крассъ

    Видео-тема дерьмо, а песня улёт!

  19. AdelDz Gamer


  20. Jiffy Lube

    Way to paint men as the bad guy not all guys are bad not all women are bad this propaganda shitt needs to stop

  21. ACE93KISS

    Magnifique clip, paysage, filles, le style Sergio Tacchini la classe ! j'adore !

  22. AlphaFoxAdam

    Haha…dude got cucked.

  23. Piyush Gajbhiye

    I don't understand the story of this video

  24. Shogo Makishima

    So sick of this global bisexual/transgender agenda


    Story good amazing song

  26. Gaëlle Maccioni

    Really enjoyed watching this clip, such a super super nice story 😍

  27. Zerberus 252

    C'mon a bit lesbian action gets him so mad?? Cant be a real dude…

  28. Lahcen HS

    Lesbian !!!!!

  29. Frank Himmler

    Good song

  30. ZK KEREN

    I from indonesia🇮🇩❤

  31. Ego Italy

    Amazing! Let's go together! 💣



  33. Violetta Kurginyanc


  34. Husnain Naeem

    Oh well that's sad sis

  35. Will Hdz


  36. Yuri Esmeralda Gonzalez Ovando


  37. Ela Ela


  38. MyVirt

    что за блядство про лезбиек…

  39. Volker und Wally mit Freunden

    Great Sound

  40. Caio E. S.

    Never trust no bitch

  41. El legendary Dios Yamcha ;v


  42. Nesrine Rahmani

    so gay

  43. Dylan Buchman

    Song is good, but damn that story felt real tho I was pulled in

  44. Rounnok Mazumdar

    Dillon Francis Go Off

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