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  1. Natasha Bowen

    Knumbing from the chest down is over the top

  2. Natasha Bowen

    Why thumb from chest down why not just numb the leg

  3. iam rasheed

    Who's here after Leroy Sane's injury?? 😂😂

  4. That1KidYT

    I'm here because of 2017 Carson Wentz

  5. Darlinton Graig

    I need this so much but I don't have much cash.
    O God help me.

  6. Wynn Bastianelli

    Check out my acl recovery vlogs!

  7. Sofia Csiffáryová

    People who wait too long or dont undergo the ACL surgery when ruptured or needed, may have worse consequences – when older, total knee replacement can be needed because ligament prevents a lot of tensions while running, walking, etc… So you better repair your ACL, not the whole knee!!

  8. Park Chaeyoung

    My knee hurt because I do skating it's my 1st time tho so I'm in PAIN I feel like it's broken like I cant move it

  9. This is Patrick

    Rip Trevon Tyler 🤍

  10. Mahi Yadav

    Am carrying because my love suffering this injury .he fell so bad.his carrier is totally desty 😫😫😫he fell always losts.. demotivat and hrass😓

  11. Sanjed Sayed

    I had my acl surgery 3 weeks before. Was good. On recovery 💪

  12. Myname310

    Well what about the hole you cut out from the front of you knee? Is that just dented there?!


    Here, after brian ortega torn acl

  14. Mona Mota

    I’m getting this surgery in 2 days I’m so scared

  15. Phown1337

    This was very hard to watch and I can barely clench my fist

  16. TheEnderTaz25

    “To create a new ACL tendon…..” that hurts to hear

  17. Wanna Eat

    well Bitch I don't think so

  18. KO MIE

    I'm scared 😔. can Some one explain why we get like this situation. idont know how to explain it in English. I mean can is the symptoms of this thing? can I know it? because my knee it hurts so much 😭😭😭I'm just 17 years old bro and Hayz.. better I'll stop playing soccer ⚽ 😔

  19. Ahmed Harred

    I lose my acl with football sport

  20. Mr. Dizzles

    xQc PepeHands

  21. Daven Arocho

    this just happened to me

  22. Vietcong666

    is the patellar tendon going to regrow after being partially removed ???


    I hate sports now because of this shit

  24. Shivani Dhurve

    This Happened to me also..and in some days I will go for surgery

  25. Muhammad khalid

    I have surgery after 2 or 3 week after acl injury

  26. Daviana Estrada

    Im here for myself tearing my acl.. Man. Wow

  27. Rathna Kumara

    Help me

  28. Joyce James

    hello,everyone,please protect your knee from hurt,and if you make a surgery acl and want to recovery from it,pls try our knee braces,it can help you a lot.Welcome to click the following link:https://www.amazon.com/Compression-Braces-Support-Running-Crossfit/dp/B07XRRXXBC/ref=sr_1_39?dchild=1&keywords=knee%2Bbrace%2Bfor%2Bwomen&qid=1572344147&sr=8-39&th=1&psc=1

  29. No Name

    I got a torn acl in one of my football games just wanted to know what eould happen thanks

  30. Kaitlin

    I'm having this done December 5th and not looking forward to it.

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