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  1. Fluidx-_-

    Kodak snapped 1:08

  2. Matheus Abdel Massih

    Kodak black you ia crazy man

  3. dillion Lawrence

    When he switches his flow it's like he calling my spirit 🤣📞💯👍.


    💯💯💯I made a live song/video to this search NINA MILLI click the first video🔥

  5. Tyson M

    Whats name of the beautiful black model???

  6. Brandon Neely

    I really can relate to dis 😈👿😠💚💙

  7. Lori Garrett

    this beat lit

  8. Tina Sani

    Do you know ??? your popularity on instagram is just at the distance of the site IGROCKET DOT COM

  9. Jackson Abbott

    Straight mumble but heat ig

  10. X MACHO

    kodak killed it on this one <3

  11. Hilma Soyiffi

    May emm is nael

  12. Carlo Bragagnolo

    Absolutely no one:

    Kodak black: AuToTuNe


    The G.O.A.T💯

  14. Taylor Oliver

    This is so bad

  15. kurt2funny _

    I feel like this song would of been better if gunna or lil baby sang this like if u agree

  16. Erick Barragan

    Who else thought it was lil baby

  17. Evan Petty

    Reminds me of Chief Keef aka Sosa when he 1st hit

  18. CallMeKnee

    I love that song

  19. Rosa Maldonado

    After this….no flockinn☝️

  20. Isaac Rasool

    His dances with this song lol

  21. d j

    Dude is ugly as hell dam

  22. vantte theballer

    This luh soldier beat yo stole his mf beat

  23. Liteskin Rasta


  24. Dee Scott

    Hit that like if you thought this was lil baby

  25. Rchase Gonzales

    This beat is great with xannnax

  26. Joseph Barnes

    Kodak is my nigga# drunk af with my niggas# with my niggas free my nigga kodak ay ya u already no what i mean ill niggas

  27. shelby Hall

    Free Dak

  28. kenneth woodard

    I ain't took no bath but I'm dripping

  29. poloking247

    Lol he slidin on this bih

  30. Wayne Hawkins

    I’m 36 and I’m sorry this shit hard af

  31. Jay Miller

    Kodak on some new shit .. dig the flow .. who agree ?

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