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  1. Nick Halkyard

    Great muzak but boring as batshit to watch

  2. Chris Candlin

    And this is is, LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ToryThorpe.com

    this is completely the most fun recording 'o msucjutnonstop
    . no kiddin'

  4. nikolives

    I'm a big fan of Fritz's solo in this performance; he makes such a tight, robotic sound into something loose and fun, and seems to enjoy himself while doing so, as if he's carrying on the bounciness of Abrantes during the Mix tour.

  5. Ross Armstrong

    I remember watching this on TV in 5.1 and it was great to hear the full sound along with the audience too… audio nouvelle cuisine 🙂 🙂

  6. surrealistic odessy

    Incredibly edible

  7. Alessandro Braun Amaro


  8. Bob VonMoss

    They must have had hemorrhoids by the end of the show standing in the same position so long without moving.

  9. BBnanner

    That's what she said!@eyaldira

  10. Apus100

    @ gesiruigeru

  11. emil250

    Great! thank your for uploading!

  12. Oliver Thelen

    the best.

  13. Zynphull

    Tron outfit, anyone?

  14. Brilliantbeing

    They've got FUNK down to a science.

  15. nissimnanach

    @Nafoute The pioneers of New Wave, Kraftwerk.

  16. Ovidijus

    Kraftwerk non stop 'til your ass drop

  17. guiguspi

    @RappoldXJay how live are we talking about?

  18. tonymontana1974

    @RappoldXJay Not really they will have programs to play the music so all they are doing is pressing a few buttons.

  19. Betty Nine

    "Music, non-stop. Techno-pop!

  20. parasite god

    If u dont get it ….thats your inability,,,,Electric Cafe album is outstanding,,,,,,

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