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  1. Jake Smith

    Cop: "Do you have a permit for those guns?"

    KP: "No I open carry."

  2. Richard Samuel McGravy

    How many women did you rape this off season?

  3. Jhune De Torres

    Those biceps are 💪

  4. Syed Rahman

    U can still hear the new york in him 😔😔😔 miss u KP show um was good

  5. keyboard warrior


  6. Chris P. Bacon

    this dude looks like the terminator.

  7. prinz

    Damn he looks buff

  8. Giedrius Grudzinskas

    ir will be so diferent ,wach Nba ,europe style

  9. Brian Powers

    You don’t play all year and never spoke to Dirk about basketball advice? Come on man! Dirk is an absolute legend

  10. Marcus K

    So hyped watching these media day videos!!!! Welcome to Dallas KP! It’s gonna be a good season…

  11. Mo Twins


  12. bulbangs

    KP lookin swole

  13. kentkatchem

    I still can't get over how good Dragos (KP) English is sometimes… I mean, it's so much better than Lukas… but I know that will change in time. LOL. I remember when Dirk first joined us his English was spotty at best too. Luka just a whole lot more shy when a mic is in his face that Drago….But on the court.. Luka a BEAST!!! Go MAVS!!! MFFL!!!!

  14. Anthony Silver

    You will always be a player that quit on your team in new york. I have no respect for you or your brother. Them young guys in New York was counting on you to help their team out and you ask for a trade . I dislike you soo much

  15. shis dû hôs

    lets go knicks!

  16. Andre Thomas

    This dude looks like a beast!!!

  17. TheOriginalGrownB

    Man why did I think Kristaps was gonna have a crazy accent

  18. Noe Diaz

    Tingis pingis!!!!1

  19. Daniel Barea

    He’s gonna thin once the season starts but HE IS STRONG!!!

  20. Daniel Barea

    No one is thinking Dallas this year: I AM THINKING DALLAS!

  21. Chess Expert Chaney

    KP is built like the Greek freak but 3 inches taller and has more range shooting!

  22. Nathan Knight

    "I must break you!" says Drago to the Greek Freak

  23. Jei Vi

    I mean English isn't his primary language, but he is so fluent.

  24. Sean McGuigan

    Wow.. KP somehow looks like a Ivan Drago / Captain America hybrid. He says everything any Mavs fan would want to hear. This team looks amazing.

  25. Jason Nunn

    Kinda non chalet about showing the added muscle. Got to be excited that he be able to play forward on offense and when boban out he be on center defensive. Got to be excited about the players mavs have that can fit in multi positions.

  26. Zech Wilson

    This one of the duos I’ve been wanting to see that espn rarely talks about

  27. Sports Good

    Good Orangish Basketball & the Rim is Orange.

  28. Ray CowboysBlue

    KP man lol. I'm excited man. At the end , he gives a cheer with a smile lmao , like if we just won the nba finals

  29. Trevor Miller

    People already forgot how good he was. Better than Giannis and Embiid with one year less in the league. He truly was PorzinGOD. If he comes back at 100%, Dallas will surely get to the playoffs.

  30. Ray CowboysBlue

    KP and Luka and j.j Barea Please help Seth Curry, Speak Spanish too or communicate with him with sign languages. A play call in Spanish

  31. The Dude

    KP looks thick, healthy and sounds ready to play tomorrow! Excited to see this new duo!

  32. James Bittle

    I love the enthusiasm from KP!

  33. shangrila73eldorado

    KP has to dunk on Giannis again, land correctly, and pound his chest like a Latvian animal

  34. Antonio Moore

    Kris accents all be fighting him 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  35. DeNiro JuarEz

    Hey KP! Now you got the arms .You gonna put some Ink on them ?

  36. ChilledLion

    He only bulked up cause of that summer ass whoopin lol

  37. Bklynblaze1

    7’3” with a bum knee. Good luck with that.

  38. edward arsiaga

    I feel like I'm listening to a dirk interview. He's GNA be the new dirk.

  39. MistaFreeman1

    boy been eatin his wheaties.

  40. William Stephens

    Arrogant Rapist

  41. otsirhc

    if they stay healthy, they are gonna have a ring soon for sure, luka and this dude are no joke

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