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  1. Karnei Gozman


  2. Nerdiest Nerd

    Me and my sister where saying how good of a actresses she seeing she can go from a adult who cusses and deal with adults things too a cute cartoon character

  3. Isabella Dippel

    she’s literally my favorite person

  4. Kenny Dave

    Disney is the Antichrist

  5. Petra P.

    What I wouldn't give to see her and Jen Garner hang out

  6. Darla Baltazar


  7. MsFriendsfan4ever

    I'm so sad, that the good place is ending. There will never be another show like it. I'm hoping that we hear Eleanor sing at one point, and then make a line, where she says "let it go"

  8. iftlatlw

    she's brilliant


    and remembre, kristen bell ruin frozen, she is part of the reason ana left

  10. She's almost on her 40 and she still acts like in her 20's ❤

  11. La Maci

    Frozen 2 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The good place.

  12. Gary Dimaggio

    Overrated movie overrated actress

  13. Gary Dimaggio

    Oh look she has the new iskanka hair do

  14. Molly KT

    It hasn't hit me that this is the final season of the good place yet, tears will be shed when it does💔💔

  15. Dan Le

    I watched frozen 2 yesterday

  16. Sabreena Syaharudin

    How the fork does kristen bell stay youthful both physically and mentally💞

  17. Charles Kim


  18. Damar Paramartha

    bake a cake, awkward-gorgeous, cool mom, everytime 😂

  19. explod3r

    Kristen Bell is literally Anna in real life

  20. Moogie B

    I recently discovered The Good Place & I think it’s the funniest show I’ve seen in forever! I’m so sad it’s ending after Season 4. The dialogue & plot twists are so much fun. I haven’t seen Frozen (ok, I’m 62) but might watch at home since it seems so popular.

  21. Zoe Tottolly

    She is really amazing. I really love her spirit. I know she has some disease like depression or more but she’s able to keep moving and fight. I really love her personality. So lovely and of course” You’re cool!🤗😍”

  22. Amanda Mauck

    Queens not princesses!!

  23. Rebecca Rich

    When you can promote four different things for a single person you know they're busy…I love her so much

  24. PoxyBear

    Sister princesses? One is a Queen the other is a Princess nevermind what happens in Frozen II. Not that hard to get their proper title correct especially after six years.

  25. Samantha Phillips

    The same woman who says "Fork" on The Good Place plays a Disney Princess. Wow.

  26. Adam Elmasry

    9th commenter boo yeah I ❤️ love Kristen Bell

  27. marcie phipps

    I love Kristen Bell so much and I loved Anna's optimism in the first film! As someone who's been dealing with depression/anxiety for about nine years, I genuinely believe that optimism is a HUGE superpower. This interview has just solidified the fact that Anna is my favorite Disney princess. She's the kind of cheerful, happy person I'm trying to be, and the fact that Anna is basically an animated Kristen Bell, who has also struggled with anxiety/depression, just makes it even more special to me to have a princess like Anna that I (a 21-year-old) can look up to and aim to be like.

  28. Alex Kess

    Her husband's podcast "Armchair Expert" is sooo good! Love them.

  29. Tandilynn Benitez

    Awesome 👍 😊😁

  30. Kimberly Hernández

    I just finish watching frozen

  31. Rainbow girl

    I'm so excited to see frozen 2 and I'm just watching a bunch of not spoiler videos

  32. Linda Sikorova

    WOW thats cool. Hey im first!

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