Kung Fu Eye Training

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Introducing the art of ophthalmic training or “Ienshu' thinks that the eye is the most important and most commonly used sensory organ, therefore, implies that it is the most valuable for martial arts training. The following article lists three basic exercises and practice routines. Help solve this problem.

The eye is an important feature of human beings, the window of the soul, ' say a popular maxim. It is stupid not to train them as a martial artist! why? Because you may meet someone – if you have one, please be careful! But if you have the intangible advantages of eye training, it's even better. The training of this field [Iengong] is considered to be a basic foundation ' Gong' or ' Kung' in Shaolin Kung Fu, and Muyugong' [capable of hitting]. And Qigong [breathing control] and so on.

Eight departments of eye training

Keep your head still, look at the wall on the left, then look at the wall on the right. Do this eight times. Repeat it again [first look to the right, then look to the left and look back eight times]. Now look at the floor and then the ceiling is back eight times, then repeat the exercise, on the contrary, eight times similar. Next [remember – keep your head through], aim up 8 times obliquely upwards to the left and then diagonally down to the right. Then repeat the exercises in reverse [looking to the right, down, then to the left, up diagonally, then back eight times] finally, up, right, right, backward, left, slightly backward, leftward and After eight times. Repeat this operation in the opposite direction [looking diagonally to the left, then looking right and backward] eight times and the entire exercise is complete.

Congratulations! Just surveyed the eight compass points/directions of your environment [eight times each time], you will [after repeated iterations] start to notice the little things that others have missed, out of place, early things – guard or defense Small openings, for example [associated with knowledge of key clicks, if you have a good teacher, this can represent real progress].

Candle meditation

Eye training can be done in a variety of ways, and candle meditation is one of them: in a dimly lit room, meditation on tea lights and flashing flames can increase attention. At a fixed point. Put a green tissue or crepe paper between you and your flame view [you may need to build a frame to facilitate this], and your ability to see in a dark room will improve.

Two-way rotation

Wipe with the first two fingers of your thumb and hands until the latter is warm. Gently place your finger on the eyeball [the lid is closed], then rotate the eye clockwise eight times and then rotate it eight times in the opposite direction. This helps to train and strengthen the muscles involved in the focus.

Perform these exercises 3 to 5 times a week for best results. Small improvements should begin after 2-3 months of practice. Keep this momentum for a year or more, then check your performance in darts, table football, swimming pool, table tennis, etc. You should pay attention to the improvement in performance, indicating that you have unconsciously transferred to your martial arts. .

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