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  1. jonathann10gamer

    When your on budget but want to watch kung fu panda

  2. Nicolas Camaratta

    The little rabbit literally contributed nothing to the plot. But this was still a very good movie. One of my favorite jack black films.

  3. Sage Pavus

    The sequel is much better, by the way.

  4. Yung Dagger

    1:19:46 beyblade

  5. Mr. McStabin

    4:08 "he's already gone"
    Bro you're at his house where is he goin to go?

  6. Halo Motion / Horror


  7. DaeDae Da Savage

    lol I like how the panda is the bad guy

  8. Tsumefan2

    what is this a ripoff of kung fu panda? whatever it is it's still cute

  9. artiistrx

    W-What happened to my “Skadoosh”?

  10. Alejandro Erazo Moreno

    7%: bored

    2%: interesting

    91%: is a copy of kung fu panda

  11. Team Kuuki Food & Games

    How did this get greenlit… xD it's painfully similar to kung fu panda


    What king of shity off brand is this

  13. jabdazombie

    How the hell i get here?
    Dat falling asleep to phone again …..

  14. Xac Mashe

    These motherfuckers REALLY made the VILLAIN a fucking Panda, AND they used the SAME GODDAMN OUTRO SONG.

  15. GhostShadow 889

    this movie is better than the real one

  16. Mac Ten

    Why the rabbit has Down syndrome

  17. RustyMalik

    Fuck this shit for real

  18. AllAtlas

    It even uses kung fu fighting as its credits song…


    I gave it the 1000th dislike 😂

  20. Jeffrey s. Barber

    it sucks worst than a 1960s porno movie

  21. pixeltrash3d mager bumer

    Can i copy your homework

    Sure bro just change it a little


  22. fluffy

    sometime it bit confused with animaml movies why does animal characters eat meat where do they get it

  23. AnimePabu

    God the sound effects are shit and animation is shit lol also character design. Coulda changed the story or at least try

  24. Sherrita B

    29:22 me in roblox

  25. Matti Ace

    I gave this movie a like. But Kung Fu Rabbit's voice is so damn annoying!

  26. poor guy

    It's funny how the fat ass panda is drinking nothing comes out of the cup

  27. ice water

    how does lionsgate go from the hunger games to this

  28. poor guy

    It's funny how the monkey has a little bit of blood and it looks like he isn't even cut he clutches his stomach but it's his hand that's hurt

  29. poor guy

    The voice doesn't even match there lips and it's a rip off of long fu panda and us he wearing a pickachu hat

  30. cody hang

    ok this movie was so good i cried of YES

  31. Alkim John

    A ripoff of Kung Fu Panda.

  32. Matti Ace

    Poor man's Kung Fu Panda

  33. New Generation Technology

    Ripoff of kung fu panda

  34. charles adams


  35. Fat Herobrine

    This is rip off of Kung fu panda

  36. Fat Herobrine

    33:28 did he’s head get bigger

  37. Fat Herobrine

    That orange ugly baby bunny is so ugly he has butt tooth beaver he so ugly he looks like shrek he so ugly he so ugly he made him self look fat in the mirror that baby ugly bunny looks like a bunny that been in the dumpster he makes me so disgusted he so ugly he makes everyone throw up because that ugly orange Donald trump looking bunny is so ugly he is a baby fat ugly bunny cross headed dummy he so small he smaller then a atom

  38. General ZodTheGod

    Wtf copy of Kung fu panda rofl

  39. Sun Senpai

    This isn't a Kung Fu Panda ripoff. It's just a god awful movie.

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