Kung Fu: Secret Shaolin Combat Exercise – Overlord or Tyrant & #39; Elbow!

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The 72 secrets and perfect art of Shaolin Temple, also known as ' Kungs' or combat exercises, involve extreme training, but can produce amazing results. Describes the overlord elbow [also known as Tyrant Elbow or Overlord Week] that strengthens and enhances the penetrating power of the elbow, as well as details of the training method and its intensity, stage and duration.


In fact, there are more than 72 Shaolin Temple secret combat exercises. Various authorities have produced different equal real lists, although these lists have a lot in common. Yang / Yin, Gang / Rou and Internal / External are descriptors used to classify these combat exercises or "Kungs". '

' Kungs' mainly involves Soft' Yin Rou Energy' training, [mainly internal] or difficult “Yanggang Power” #39; training [mainly external] although a few involve both.

technical analysis

Overlord elbow Yang Gang external force training helps to develop elbow strength. In particular, its pointed tip is sometimes referred to as the arrow & elbow. The elbow tip is reinforced, … penetrates the opponent ' the meat knife is like a knife piercing the paper, according to the Shaolin authorities.


Stage 1

In order to develop Overlord's Week, the body can only be supported by the elbows and heels. Hold this position for a minute and try to breathe regularly and calmly to develop and concentrate internal strength. Next, lower your body to the ground, rest and repeat the exercise. Practice twice a day in the morning and evening. Increase the number of repetitions, the time to maintain the position, or both, and periodically stab the hard object with the elbow to promote progression.

Phase 2

Now lying on the floor, support yourself with only one foot and one elbow, and lift the other arm and foot high. Rotate the body slowly as far as possible, then slowly repeat the movement until the initial starting position is regained. The same hole is then performed in the same manner using the other elbow and foot in the same number of repetitions.

At first, Ba Wang Zhou / Overlord Elbow can be carried out on wooden or carpet surfaces, but should be transferred to stone or concrete floors. When this can be done easily, it is the time of the third stage.

Phase 3

A trench about 6 feet long, 2 feet wide and 1 foot deep should be dug up. Partially fill with a mixture of small stones, sand and mud, and repeat the second stage of practice in situ [at this stage, periodically treat the elbow with a Chinese herbal coating or Dit-da-Jeow to prevent internal injuries]. This secret art is already in place when long-term practice can be carried out easily and painlessly.


Mastering Tyrant Elbow's Phases 1 and 2 can make considerable progress. Through practice exercises, the elbows, heels and soles add tremendous extra strength, strength and flexibility. There are other exercises to develop other aspects/areas of elbow use in combat – these will be detailed in subsequent articles.

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