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  1. Wafa Ismail

    Amyra ne apna purana coustume pehna ha Jo Kapil Sharma ke show p pehna tha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Amarah Parker

    Guess who is missing LAY

  3. Daddy is back!

    No way, that lion is absolutely fake

  4. Anushka Bist

    I thought that yixing ( lay) wud also come

  5. Farah Daryab Irani

    Amyra is the most beautiful girl. And who's the girl doing kung fu? She is gorgeous.

  6. lai saelor

    What's with the music?

  7. Flynn Rider

    jakie chain is so gentle . love u boss

  8. Iraq Iraq

    Sonu Sood 😍😍😍😍

  9. Ali Raza

    what is the name of host girl in black…

  10. Salim Miah


  11. chong hiun

    good movie asia

  12. Arnez Juggins

    outstanding drum work!!!

  13. Johncarlo Manahon

    tagal naman

  14. Vaibhavi Joshi

    sonu have cute smile yaar

  15. tung nguyen

    Ko xem dc

  16. Hidayat lund

    Jackei chan I love you

  17. Elwin Bu

    the way disha looks at jackie chan is just exciting haha

  18. waLkonair

    oh wow Jackie even went to India to promote the movie..lmao he even instructing how and when to pose.

  19. baap of Bollywood

    Hello friends, I already subscribe to your channel, you can also have two, please subscribe to my channel

  20. Vithal Yadav


  21. Nice Kader

    so much jakci chan

  22. Bushangels

    Disha Patani is stunning.

  23. Ngân Ngốc


  24. Aj Tamla

    There seems to be some kind of tension in the air hmm

  25. ciciyuliantimusa nurazitamusa

    nice kungfu, i like 🙂

  26. I fell in love with Amyra Dastur…Love you …your talk…eyes…style …just killed me

  27. aakash Khatri

    we love you jakky

  28. Jakrik Sangma

    7:41 he looks similar to a guy who came to kapil sharma show and buy jackie's cycle for 10 lakh.

  29. kham la

    shilpa shetty quit eating solid food since ______ ?

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