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  1. christian espiritu

    Anyone listening this song in year 2019?

  2. Nicklyn Caniedo

    wow!! ganda nang voice,, kw na kyla!!

  3. jessey berjamin

    kyla's voice is like an angel.Very smooth and soulful.

  4. Sam Solmia

    rel8 me of someone from the past…
    that trying to comeback,but its all over now…

  5. Sam Solmia

    nice song…

  6. Music and MeL

    naiiyak ako,,, when it's over it's too late to pretend that everything's okay..

  7. desiree alpis

    sobrang nakarelate me sa kanta sobrang ganda

  8. Agsel Limorin

    grabe nkakaiyak dinudurog ang puso ko sa lyrics…i love u too much wafu…tandaan mo..ikaw lng mamahalin ko till death

  9. Jonathan Ferrer

    super ganda ng song jejejejejejejeje

  10. maryjane santos

    t0uch k??? xa kea n t0uch??? hnd ata kc masaya n xa s buhai nia ngaun.. kea aLam m0 n tigiL tigiL din pag my time!!!!

  11. maryjane santos

    o0 nga ingat sana xa Lagi kc baka madapa xa hahaha… sana nga madapa nh0???

  12. moonlightwaning

    i hope ur ok now. undergoing the same thing here. far from okay. but i know i will be okay. hope it will happen soon.

  13. bryan bang

    kyla you are one of a kind !!!
    lupet ng mga rendition mo . kakilabot pati ng boses mo .

  14. Liezel Magahis

    I will not be tired listening to this song over and over again.

  15. norhan alindo

    love this song….its over now my luv l..dy
    ….its hard to accept but no choice….
    just take care my honey….

  16. jeffOy C.

    ingat ka palgi…

  17. jeffOy C.

    like diz sOng vry untOuchable……

  18. Lejee Bono

    I never shed a tear when we broke up last 2 weeks… but i this song just knew where to hit the correct spot to make me cry…. damn…

  19. vizeehify

    a letter written by Janice de Belen when she and Aga broke up,,, kakaiyak =(

  20. lin tunghwa

    I love kyla's voice..:-)

  21. ronald pajadora

    i hate this song. maiba lang,.

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