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  1. katherine nden

    They need to give her the vanguard award next year

  2. Dimas Nur Prasetyo

    She is under illuminati

  3. Julia Lynn Vlogs

    Applause is Everything!!! Who’s watching 2019?? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Jackie Garcia

    Lol she looks like a robloxs character

  5. Streamer Minion

    thank god this era of music is over

  6. Sensitive Snail

    Why are people booing

  7. Wild Rosa

    I remember watching this ❤️💯

  8. Cyrds Esoy

    Iconic! ❣️

  9. goyangiwonu

    No vmas performance can top this

  10. Amal Budi Utama

    Widihh throwback… Dulu nonton ulangan nya sambil teriak-teriak wkwkwk!!!!

  11. Y

    Is she going to swim?
    Why bikini?
    What happend to us
    Mis 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s and early 2000 music

  12. Sailorperson

    Applause is my instant hype song when I’m feeling down

  13. Patrycja Zdunek

    I remember watching this preformance and thinking that this confirmed I am 100% also attracted to girls lol

  14. Igor Ram

    Her ballet is incredible.High level.

  15. Victor Greystoke II

    She's sizzling amazing and beautiful!😊❤😊❤😊❤😊❤

  16. Roizel Diez

    one of the greatest performer and tv performance ever

  17. ferns spirits

    Are people ACTUALLY booing ?

  18. Julia Paszkowiak

    0:07 thought that was Jenna Marbles lol

  19. Spartacus 77

    Not to sound like I’m objectifying, but when I see Gaga with that last outfit on, I automatically get into impregnating mode. Her hips waist and ass, and legs are exactly what men look for

  20. Victoria Held

    I wanna see her live so bad

  21. OfficialRyanx

    Is she actually being booed at the start? Or is it part of background music?

  22. Lea Christine

    She is such a true artist

  23. Brittany Ann

    She legit just looked into my soul…. 🤔

  24. ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴏᴘᴇ

    People booing in the background..

    Get a life ;-;

  25. Radamante Della Viverna

    Peter Gabriel female version ????

  26. Karla G

    Ugh so fire

  27. Carlos Dominguez

    She is Iluminate. Slave of sex of them.. so…. i got nothing to celebrate here.

  28. Tim Smith

    Why can't she just keep her clothes on and sing

  29. Khairiyah Natasshah

    Comparing this with 2019 VMA

  30. Ricardo Royo Solana

    The power that has, the intelligence that has, the clearance that has, the access that has, the influence that has, the profile that has, the international implications that has

  31. Kry Kry Stott

    The female Marilyn Manson

  32. 山崎諒




  34. tascha11

    0:04 who wants to brush they fucking teeth 🦷?

  35. Andra Troi

    I thought the title said lady gaga performs applesauce

  36. ItsRomyLee

    I was wishing she have got the vma’s for Shallow. 😢

  37. Murkchieo A


  38. Java Lee

    Madonna + GG Allin = Lady Gaga

  39. Madeline Smith

    One of the best performers of our generation.

  40. Malva Malpha

    Ga Gaddam I didn't know Gaga was thic.

  41. Ek Rsss

    Who came here after vma 2019🤢🤢

    Gaga is the best performer 💁💁

  42. John D'Arcy

    Give this queen the video vanguard award!

  43. Sarah Deeb

    I need her body

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