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  1. Maya Aswan

    So Beautiful.

  2. Miranda Scott

    It makes sense tho women are mentally emotionally stronger and more mature then men.

  3. Miranda Scott

    Very interesting this is what it seems like happening in America cause the men are just lazy af

  4. 제니Jenni

    So interesting culture

  5. Screw The Net

    BUt like I used to say as a teen, if people wanted true equality, we'd have to start being altered to be hermaphrodites. Then we could all be equally miserable and taken advantage of by the institutions of the world. *smfh * >,;,<

  6. Screw The Net

    For over 20 years I have long assumed that at some point in the furthest annals of early human history, maybe more than 12,000-50,000 years ago, matriarchies took over by withholding sex or simply ganging up on males. BUt after generations of being bred as women liked and used, smarter men were born and ROSE UP! Yet in many ancient cultures theres been evidence of women having basically the same rights as men, yet they always fail. Is it because the women have too many rights? Abuse them? Or just that nothing lasts forever? Time will tell.

  7. Jasmine Longshore

    This was a great peak into Mosuo life and women.
    However it's rather telling how biased the narrator was with her own viewpoints of what's right. As a person of color, I find it incredibly annoying when white people are sent abroad to explore another culture yet bring their own expectations of what's right or wrong based on their Western ways. ("They seem to have found their own understanding of gender balance." Of course they did. It's their culture!) People of color existing in Western cultural constructs (the US, Canada, the UK) already know that other people don't have the same starting point in terms of perspective and value due to the history of racism is the parent country or being immigrants or descendants of immigrants). This is one thing I find incredibly annoying and racist in expository journalism–the biased of the white narrator. For being so progressive, it would seem the VICE could take a page out of their own playbook and send non white journalist and explorers just so we could see perspectives and reactions from all involved in the making of the documentary.

  8. Clara K. Mallah

    The reporter was too weak. I didn't enjoy the coverage.

  9. Clara K. Mallah

    You have to get this decorated for a party? Wow!

  10. Clara K. Mallah

    They're inheriting the property. Good

  11. Clara K. Mallah

    The women are powerful.

  12. Clara K. Mallah

    They are promiscuous!

  13. Clara K. Mallah

    I love the traditional cloths.

  14. Clara K. Mallah

    I like they produce their own food, but why leave the men out?

  15. Clara K. Mallah

    Many boyfriends? Hmm

  16. Chrissie Julien

    This is real woman EMPOWERMENT!!! lol Wow I'm so inspired to finish building up my garden! Lol

  17. Clonap Sbethe

    I would like to get a degree using my own mother tongue.

  18. Sigur 8

    1:02 “…men, whose tendency to go wherever their dick points…”? And you’re not sexist, right?

  19. Z Channel

    Notice some of the men are kind of effeminate

  20. Woman in the Crowd

    this was a good documentary until the woman called them "glorified housewives" because their lifestyle didnt conform to her fantasy of what a shift in gender powers would be. but power comes with responsibility and respect is earned. these are hard working well rounded women who deserve their status because of what they do, not just because the fact they are women. also eastern cultures are extremely hardworking in values and take pride in it in general. the bias n niavity with the assumption that men would be doing all the work n women would be queens is not only shallow but would just be a reversed oppression(which she shouldnt want to be the case anyway)
    all n all interesting society they have. these women are queens🐝 just hardworking ones!

  21. Didi Wang


  22. Music Lover

    What beautiful people and a wonderful culture. I only hope they find a balance between traditional culture and modern life, but I know modern life is very enticing. I hope the younger generation appreciates they're culture.

  23. DiDi Hern

    I don't see this is progressive. I see it as divisive for new families. Children stay with mom only and barely see dads. Women are basically single mothers that men come for sex, this is not progressive. This is stupid, men should be around to help carry the burden of family life and child raising. I'd never want to live there. I like the idea of my husband being at home and helping with this hard work.

  24. Miriam Schiro

    I feel sorry for the animals. They slave all the animals. And the animals that they raised to devour I feel so sorry for them. Breaks my heart for all the animals

  25. Miriam Schiro

    The women are much happier. They are more United too

  26. Lee young young

    "Meghalaya" is one of the state in India who lived as matritarchal society and also known to be cleanest village in "Asia" 🤗.
    The culture is just the same normal women n man both can be working no problem they are definitely not lazy people. The weather once was highest rain in world but now I bet it'd 2nd or 3rd in the world so I mean it's to cold whole year but no snow fall type of rain.
    Land house assest passed to Girl. And man has to leave their house in order to live in wife place nothing weird but rather intresting just the opposite of patriarchal. 😊.
    Hope you visit some day 2019 2019. It's breath taking place 🌼
    Sorry I am not from meghalaya.

  27. Michael Mann

    the reporter looks so disillusioned after interviewing the gandma

  28. TheGeoKing

    stop centering white voices in a documentary on non-white people

  29. coconutmilch

    i love this

  30. sweet bunny

    Most people would not want to live somewhere that looks and has the life standards of a sh1th0le. Even if they seems self sufficient, they partially rely on the more civilized societies near them.
    Nothing but respect for the women running this and I hope their tradition will last forever. However most women on this planet don't build and produce much, hence there are very few matriarchal societies around the world and they don't last very long. Having children with multiple men is great because in the end all the children obviously belong to her and not other woman. Obviously, there is no such thing as maternity fraud, which is why these women aren't averse to polygamy as men normally would, if they were in charge.

  31. Olkeriil Remengesau

    Interesting and meaningful lifestyle. Aloha

  32. Julia Namulauulu

    I would love to live here. The idea of walking marriage sounds very appealing.

  33. Alkzandr Denmanm1

    I think the bicycle was man's noblest invention..no chance of that happening in Mosou culture

  34. Alkzandr Denmanm1

    Seems like a noble way of life, but we can see why patriarchies are more expansive. Men don't have much motivation to work hard in the Mosou culture…in patriarchal cultures, the man is motivated to work harder etc, thus the patriarchal societies grow.

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