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  1. Nekminute

    its beautiful

  2. whatsin aname

    with a good canal system you could put all this fresh water to good use …………………. just sayin

  3. Washington Hoax

    Once in Hundred year rain storms and poor planning of infrastructure along rivers… they'll figure it out… maybe.

  4. AJAY

    So sad. Climate change or Environment damage. Technology can't stop it…!!!

  5. Knot Gord

    Floods are like the rapeugees of China.

  6. Sheeple are Lame

    Carbon taxes will save us <<< CLIMATE CHANGE

  7. BiggestComplainer

    More pollution….. great

  8. 陳柳

    there are so many fake news on the Facebook. rt is good but they do not understand Chinese then RT usually use the fake new from other YouTubers

  9. Kumaroadking1

    streets Need a cleaning anyway

  10. Mcfly 84 Marty


  11. Bigg Phillips

    RT is going down hill. Just posting videos someone else filmed with no narration

  12. WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.

    That is for eating dogs.

  13. Horn Canguio Willie

    🐉Isaiah 28:2-6👽🖕🏾👑🖕🏾👽

  14. A CATAL

    Later on….there may be another sinkhole appear somewhere in this area…..

  15. A Public Forum for Discussion

    "its affecting thousands of people" with their populatiom thats like the european equivalent of 3 guys. thgovt their thinks in the 10s of millions range

  16. A N K H

    type on google graphics: "Fukushima Pacific mass dying"

  17. Jon Snow

    Poor people..stay safe…

  18. * SIMON Says

    Drown the communists

  19. Ghost Williams

    You see those old building? Most are only 10 years old.. built quality in China is horrendous

  20. Nain Martinez

    Im just waiting for the Rapture. When the Rapture happens. I'll see you all in 7 years.

  21. Gioia Grazia

    they reap what they sow

  22. Amir Fahmi

    According to Israel, Iran did it

  23. Orlando Jr Bangayan

    Mother nature revenge CHINA.?

  24. Crisis Management

    Only a certain kind of person can see similar disasters all over the world and conclude there is no anthropogenic cause.

  25. Dan Parsi

    It seems Russia and China going head to head! Those who have ears let them hear!

  26. Sara Wilcker

    Isn't that what the streets of China pretty much look like anyway?

  27. ExtraordinaryLight34

    Judgement…. the true seeds of Yahweh will possess the world

  28. mazlum dogan

    Everythıng was going well then mohammed born

  29. Anwar

    Man made disaster

  30. Anwar

    And there's extradition bill gng on

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