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  1. Noah Clark

    A technological war is coming.

  2. Noah Clark

    I understand what you are saying.The Cold War is coming.

  3. Evil Panda

    China 🇨🇳 economy is booming according its communist regime just like 🇰🇵 North Korea dictator said. 🤔

  4. DXD 2018

    Tenshi Hans are invaders/intruders to EastTurkestan (xinjiang = colonized land 3000km away from Beijing/Shanghai)!
    So no part of China, as Tibet, South Mongolia, North Kashmir, and Hong-Kong!

    Stop to support ¥€$ criminals & corrupts from CCP Politburo Bank of China.
    Criminals hans agents are responsables: Independency & Freedom

  5. z mike

    he is too old…

  6. ?栄光はどこにありますか

    For the first time in my life I feel like the CCP is trying his best to suppress its people from nationalism.
    The online speech sanctions recently are alleged targeting more fierce on such irrational words.

  7. shannon newman

    misinformation disinformation propaganda is what the ccp is all about.

  8. TunguskaEffect

    Makes statement about “economic weakness” but no facts to back it up no evidence ?

  9. TunguskaEffect

    Didn’t japan go full nationalist in the 1930s ?

  10. Bhum Brahmavira

    Reminds me of Hitler's take on ethno-nationalism in the face of economic turbulence.

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