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  1. アイス・クリーム

    Ban this fucking parasite once and for all! 🙂

  2. tristanlist

    People hating on Marle, pfff.  If your team ever gets TKO'd when Marle is on it, you are doing something wrong.  Great in boss fights.

  3. PrimitivePatriot

    Still my favorite game of all time. 

  4. blokhead johnny

    I stumbled upon this for 2 reasons… 1. Im a fucking nerd and enjoyed Chrono Trigger as a kid.. and 2. I do music n found out Wiz sampled its theme music so I HAD to revisit this shit

  5. TheBlackStar999

    You're fucked now!

  6. deathstinger13

    Gah, some of Lavos's SFX play in my nightmares.

  7. Odin West

    Little did 7URTY know that the sham wow guy loved to slap him some hookers to the invigorating sounds of retro gaming boss battle themes!

  8. Fuuh

    "…All of our history…Our art and science…All to meet the needs of that…beast…"

  9. BlaizeTheDragon

    its been so long i cant even remember what went on at the time.

  10. BlaizeTheDragon

    It took two years for someone to notice that? Wow…

  11. Jose Quiros

    00:01 SHIT >_<

  12. tamriilin

    Yeah, it does. It's crazy as hell how it hums from one ear to the other.

  13. xuhiken

    @Deadganon yeah i played the ps version back on 2001 xD, and yes they could have been dominant only if they had azala as their leader, that's because when u defeat lavos in ur first time on the end of time, u trigger the reptites ending xP

  14. Deadganon

    @xuhiken well the reptitles didnt all go extint, If u play the Ds version, theres a reptile area, and even in the original super nintendo version, theres a few reptiles deep underground, like when u go to get the rainbow shell. so Lavos is the cause of the fall of the reptiles but as i said on my other statements, with certain conditions, they could of came back and been the dominant species again like in one of the endings!

  15. xuhiken

    @Deadganon the thing is that lavos started the ice age, so that is one of the causes to the reptites extintion along with the defeat of azala.

  16. soco2765

    @smashtasmism This song sounds really good with headphones on though

  17. floooooooooooooooood

    @Kalyntas I don''t think you get that ending when Azala has the gate key. I think it's done if you beat Lavos just before fighting her directly. After all how would you get back to the end of time to reach Lavos without the gate key?

  18. Kalyntas

    @floooooooooooooooood As I understand it, the only ending where the Reptites are ruling instead of humans happens if you defeat Lavos BEFORE taking the Gate Ley back from the Reptite leader (Azalla I think). Since they have the Gate Key, they can travel through time, and make proper protection for Lavos's landing on Earth. That's how I see it anyway ^_^

  19. Netto Azure

    I wish Chrono Cross had a 3DS remake. 🙁

  20. Deadganon

    @floooooooooooooooood Well Without going into technical timeline history and studying every aspect of chrono trigger,The DS chrono trigger does have a additional added area where the reptiles live so my guess is Lavos destroyed the reptiles chances of being the dominate species by 99% by killing most of them out but appartely some still survived. Not enough to dominate the humans in most situations but maybe with the right time, right moment, right situation, the reptiles could make a return.

  21. floooooooooooooooood

    @Deadganon You are absolutely and undeniably correct. However that just raises the question of why they are reptiles in that one ending. Did Chrono's involvement somehow cause them to survive Lavos' landing?

  22. Deadganon

    @floooooooooooooooood U are mistaken on all the endings before entering prehistory woudl feature reptiles for one reason…. Lavos was defeated… in the future or at 1999 AD but Lavos still landed on earth before u defeated him thus created the iceage and defeating the reptiles. The game never allows u to defeat lavos before 65 million BC time so no matter when u defeat lavos he will always crash down on the reptiles and create iceage so all the endings will still have where humans rule!

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