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  1. All On My Own Here We Go

    Best of Luck To You In The Algorithm Wars Ahed.
    May They Be Kind To You.

  2. Jannelee Sonora

    This band has been such a blessing to my days. They write some of the most beautiful, relatable music and I can’t thank them enough for all the heard work they put in. Thank you Last Dinosaurs for existing and writing music about things we all feel and can’t put into words💕

  3. Justice Bradburn

    This is such a damn bop

  4. ตอง' หก

    Love this song. and love this band. from thailand. m/

  5. Laura Machado


  6. Libdy Abby

    Thanks guys! Its really fun

  7. Jia Ler Yoo

    Doesnt this have a little 1975 vibes

  8. Ivan valencia

    Much love to Los dinos! We need you here in Las Vegas!

  9. Akemi Gonzalez

    Los amoooo saludos desde Panamá 🙆🏻‍♀️🥰💖

  10. Raven


    Queria los Dinos no Brasil

  11. megan •

    on replay love this song so much 💓 anyone else get some the 1975 vibes? lol

  12. Soós Erik

    Oh yeah, my favorite song is this one!!

  13. Sherbert Meow

    Yep. This will be played on repeat all day. 💕

  14. Fluffy Marshmallow

    luv them too much. never a bad song from them

  15. Joshua Meneses

    Last Dinosaurs are immune to making bad music!! They even make an F-Bomb sound so calm. Keep making amazing music!

  16. Ben Neale

    Yeeeess guys!

  17. QWERTY

    Straight up hektik

  18. Hadria VI

    Yesss…you guys really fucked me up to the point that i’ll NEVER STOP LISTENING TO YOU GUYS !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Manuel Juárez Chavarría

    Los dinos geniales como siempre <3

  20. ThisUserNameDoesn'tEvenMakeAnySense

    I need you to tell me when this song drops on Spotify 🤘🦖

  21. Isabel DeMarco

    i wish last dinosaurs would notice me and like my comment :((( my favorites <3

  22. alex arias


  23. Joshua Atkinson

    Michael looking like he straight outta the Rap God thumbnail.

  24. alex arias

    I was waiting to see the video live for so many days, and I couldnt because of my Work :(… Loved the song!

  25. Queen Of R&b Lauryn Hill 👑

    My favs 😍😍😍


    Goblog! beautiful

  27. DTB

    You guys really are FMU! Been listening to you since 2013.

  28. RPG7Gaming Network

    I can't express how much I love the movement in this song in words.

  29. K J

    Awesome track! Just don't like what they did their hairs lol

  30. Traser Space

    Переведите текст на русский, если кто сможет. Буду очень признателен))
    Спасибо Динозаврам за еще один крутой трек <3

  31. Doc McBungas

    Still killin it

  32. chloekamalei

    Love this.

  33. thegr8escape

    This will be amazing mass-rallying protest song

  34. Jasmin Smith

    <3 beautiful



  36. Jack Ip

    BIG LOVE from Hong Kong!

  37. MrColorlab

    eminem play bass

  38. Rainbow Dash

    Wanna buy it but it hasn't released until 4 October 🙁

  39. Bisvit Selimut

    Ken Jeong, is that u hiding behind Sean's face?

    great song btw! lovin it

  40. St. Herip

    I want to cry while dancing to this. They always seem to write something that my life could relate to (hahaha).

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