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  1. christiearmanie heywood

    I love lauv but someone please explain the video

  2. 5sos CK

    せつなくなるー 若いときのエミネムににてない?

  3. Eastside Music

    5m views naahh youtube not cool

  4. Molly Cadogan


  5. Resa Fuentes

    why is this so vibing?! i laaaauv this so much!

  6. cycrachel

    In love with Lauv's voice! I made an acoustic cover of Lauv's song on my channel would appreciate if you could check it out 🙂 have a great day ahead!

  7. Esteban Urbina

    been coming back to this idk why it's catchy and the i sold my soul part sounds cool

  8. Faris Zimbabwae

    wait did he paid morgz's mom

  9. Faris Zimbabwae

    how could someone choke on a jelly is it hard ;-;

  10. na a

    Dancing while contemplating about life's meaning and your self worth. Lauv's music is THAT powerful 👏💙

  11. VCR 2809

    andrew minyard

  12. Gil Pineda

    Hes suuuccchhh a snaaaaccccc

  13. Jennyfersha Dhar

    U're amazing ….but u're way more amazing with happy song…#don't know why ppl want to seel their soul just for fame and money…cos i don't see u guy(s) have inner peace…

  14. _qian Wannable


  15. Couz tune

    My fav song of lauv

  16. Wasian_ratatouille RATaTatA

    1:28 :me everyday

  17. Nana Brew

    I cant be the only one who thinks Lauv has a great sense of fashion

  18. Sercert Escape

    I lauv your the best singer not even Troye Sivan he ok
    OMG I want u to be my friend

  19. J. Trent Pettus

    made a gif out of the dance at 1:54

  20. Lucia D

    i love him so much i’m literally crying

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