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  1. School Fun Chinese

    Nice video

  2. bballboizzz12345

    Can you make a Haitian Creole one for this

  3. The OuterSpace

    love the video learned alot. do you have videos like this tackling about shanghainese/wu ?

  4. Tebby

    Scary animation… good for horror movies

  5. Hen. Jamz

    everybody's gotta start somewhere 👍

  6. nctrashinuraea

    wait when speaking in a normal conversation how am I supposed to say chuāng or chuáng without messing up the spelling they're so similar I cant 😭

  7. Mike Byaruhanga

    This is even better than the class work. Am thinking of looking for Chinese kids cartoons actually. Hahaha


    Hao Hao

  9. Queen G

    I’m 15 and almost 16 and Searching for videos like that to watch 😂

  10. エンぢい

    Learn Chinese are hard to me.

  11. エンぢい

    May be it have two kinds of say hello.

  12. Tai lieu

    wow this is good for kids

  13. Sam Ma

    I from China,Welcome to add my friends,Wechat:maxl803.I can help practice Chinese for free.

  14. Noel Marin

    busco por doquier mandarin para niños pero sin traduccion ni español ni ingles, y no encuentro,
    para que lo traducen si lo niños ven el dibujo.

  15. terrica m

    i am not a kid but i am listening to this. its fun

  16. Wasiq Imran

    What's the difference between Chaung (window) and chuang (bed)?

  17. besma besma

    je suis adulte mais apprendre le chinois comme enfant est beaucoup plus mieux

  18. meow19

    This is very helpful!! Thanks

  19. Bella Plays

    'Yocha' means Hello
    'Kanzie egihn' means are house
    'Abzia choi ginea' means the door
    'Alita bocho bancha' means the window

  20. JJohn Hipp


  21. Kuala Terengganu

    Kedah and Chinese

  22. Kanwara Laechoeku

    This's good video for me. I'm will try study it.Thank you so much
    God bless you.

  23. Isabell Fung

    I can know a little

  24. Isabell Fung

    But i know a little

  25. Isabell Fung


  26. Isabell Fung

    Im 6 yearz and i dont know chinese i cant form this everyday

  27. Karla Benitez

    Giri: what about the pink shoe? Fetus: no not that either

  28. jasmine schedgick

    minghao will be m i n e


  29. Miguel Robb

    I'm a grown man pushing 30, and im actually liking this method

  30. _ craig _

    Is anyone else gonna talk about the grey hedgehog on the flying chair? no? ok..

  31. Egist Kristo

    Great video, simple and beautifully presented! 😀 please make more such videos ^_^

  32. Raja Thong

    P,knhjm,, bvvxf hbnvnh bcc nnbbb tgg g. Giggles. Him b
    Link.jhghn high-frequency..

  33. لينا القديري

    I found it very easy and helpful to learn the language this way because it's FUN and you don't get bored at all

  34. Eary Kim

    谢谢 你。我 凑了多年他 哦分 了啊日呢的 我 有人 和老婆!*thank you so much for your help with chinese.*

  35. jin lin

    I am a American Chinese girl
    And I love to learn Chinese

  36. Macci

    i almost died of laughter when the turtle creature with a cowboy hat and sunglasses sat on the chair and slid away

  37. Wai Hin


  38. Get to Know Cambodia

    good for my kids.

  39. JJ Wu

    For fast review
    1:29 furniture
    3:48 bedroom
    5:55 furniture
    8:27 numbers
    12:37 colors
    14:55 have fun😂
    18:15 clothes
    20:19 clothes
    24:06 numbers

  40. 최 안나

    What has my life become?

  41. Christabelle Lysander

    This is such a good video!!

  42. Max Nova

    Very nice for me and Max. Xie xie…

  43. Max Nova

    Very nice for me and Max. Xie xie…

  44. Tippy Toys n' Fun

    Your videos are such good quality. Wevarw teaching our son chinese

  45. Mehmet Sönmez


  46. Chelsea Phan


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