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  1. Eko Languages

    Mandarin is such a fun language to learn. Keep working hard.
    Here are other Mandarin Videos:

    Learning Cantonese Chinese? How about this:

    If you want something new or different, let me know. —eko

  2. Che-Che H

    I’m bilingual but it doesn’t feel impressive enough so here I am…

  3. Thein Zaw

    I want to practice Chinese, is there any Chinese friends to practice with me? 我想练习中文,有没有中国朋友和我一起练习 我的微信ID是 rawaz786

  4. siu garvey

    Hello, I'm a Chinese and can speak mandarin and cantonese . For now I learning English and Vietnamese . Wechat ID : Klook-Well . Looking forward to make friend with you

  5. Elma Matias

    My chinese vocabulary is improving😂 thank you for this video👍

  6. Steven lee


  7. Mohamed Abdirisak Mohamed Raage

    Am still learing mandarin language untill 2mounth i hope to be excellent i love chinese❤

  8. Ham Oeurn

    Very good Teacher Thanks Teacher

  9. Monina Carbajosa

    Imagine waking up and saying good morning to your mother but in chinese

  10. The Great Flame Panda Games

    你好, I'm currently in university continuing on learning mandarin from my previous of senior year of my High school. I would be very appreciated if anyone willing to teach me how to speak properly in Chinese language. 谢谢!

  11. Steven Linker

    how long did it take you to make this video???????????? Also very good video!!!

  12. Chan Si

    Kenapa tidak bisa Di donwlt

  13. Juliet C.


  14. Rocio Lu

    I am looking for a Chinese language partner/friend to practice my mandarin and you can practice Spanish and English with me.

  15. Tadele Tekeba

    thank you so much

  16. Carol Miranda

    I love it

  17. wojaX

    i went to bed and slept for 10 hours now i'm fluent in Chinese and the bee movie script

  18. Tahir Mehmood

    Difficult to learn but not impossible anyone can help me or speak with me in Chinese its my whatsapp 03425344980

  19. amul bob

    I love to learn Mandarin😋😍…any one teach to me properly… . quickly response here…

  20. Maya

    Tell me, is this a waste of my time or does this actually work?

  21. 박살마

    I'm watching this and I'm still awake at 3am lol

  22. muhammad shahzad omar

    very good

  23. Pienaar Pieraldo

    i really loved this….got to learn how to sleep in chinese

  24. Jimmy Chang

    now im fluent in mandarin👍
    but how come my voice changed to women when i start speaking mandarin?!!

  25. freedom77

    To memorize need to repeat way more times.but good to pause and rewind

  26. Paul Bartley

    I'm from the Caribbean I'm wondering if anyone would like to help me with Chinese and I'll help them with English

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