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  1. jotdot21

    actually a useful video

  2. Transcend Movement

    excellent thank you. i wish more people would like "briefly explain" their language when teaching a phrase like this. again thank you

  3. Na†ureIsLife

    I have a brand new Rosetta Stone Mandarin (Level 1-5) on Ebay bid for $65. If anyone's interested, click on the link here, thanks:

  4. Pavlo Ferrum

    muchas gracias

  5. TheEccentricEevee

    What's the difference between bu2 and bu4? 🙂

  6. Evelyn Taylor

    I totally love this! I want to learn chinese, this is one of the best ways. Well done!

  7. 18steps


  8. Brandon Ross

    I will be going back to visit China next week. I've always found "tai gui le" and "bu yao" to be very useful.

  9. Sonia Sok

    Well, in truth, it IS a bit boring. But other than that it IS well done, and I also thank this.

  10. FairwayJack

    lol…my 5 yr old daughter says when I speak Chinese I sound like a pirate…..zai narrrrr !

  11. LearnChineseWithEase

    Love how the literal & loose translations are explained!

    Tourists in China, however, might also want to use 卫生间 (wèi shēng jiàn) as a more polite way of locating the restroom. 🙂

  12. betty swolocks

    Thank you so much for your videos!!!! Im off to Taiwan soon and these useful phases should come in handy,ive looked everywhere online for free basic mandarin but your videos are the best!!

  13. MurasakiNeko

    Good video! Very well-paced and breaking up the phrases to show the parts is really helpful! Thanks!

  14. Tavia's Med Life Crisis

    ok im half and half. and my dad doesn't want to teach meManderine. So Xie Xie

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