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  1. ChineseFor.Us - Learn Mandarin Chinese Online

    Do you have a Chinese name or do you want to know how to say your name in Chinese language? We made a video on how to get a Chinese name, here's a quick link➥https://youtu.be/Al3ZAc9GiME

  2. Naomi Chan

    I'm here to stop being insecure of my Chinese heritage (1/2 Chinese 1/2 white) and fully embrace my other half 💕

  3. Blub Blub Blob

    So, would it be a bad idea to use my Vietnamese name?



  5. Sugar Blossom


  6. Parul Kohli

    I want learn Chinese language

  7. Khaoula Ait Soussi

    Why isn't your last name "hao" written like "hao" (from ni hao)

  8. văn nguyễn

    china is my neingbour. I'm from vietnam

  9. Mohamed Asmila

    我叫阿斯米拉 is it right. My name is Asmila .

  10. Habiba Malak

    I really love China but I live in Pakistan it is my dream to visit China

  11. Pimuk Pegu

    Is not easy being chinese

  12. RobInWhiteRock 73

    Hi Im from Richmond BC . how do you say LEARN HOW TO DRIVE in Mandarin?

  13. aunicornfishisabot :D

    Everyone in my family knows Chinese

  14. Arpita Baranwal

    Is it necessary to say name in format of LN+FN while introducing in Chinese? Or we can introduce ourselves in Chinese by saying 'wo jiao FN+LN'?

  15. Dea Damia

    Wo jiao fatin asikin

  16. Daniela Matveja

    I should be learning russian but here i am watching Chinese videos😅

  17. Sahmed Al -ZUHAIRI


  18. wu tang forever

    Get here and regain my confidence when I’m fked up learning Korean for the first few hours as a Chinese lmao

  19. Jiwan Kandel

    Ni Hau 🙄💬

  20. Biju Pm

    the TWO hands of MOUNT Himalaya…His Highness….

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