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  1. Kiki kimkim

    Haha for me too !!

  2. bujitapanda

    Is it alright to learn 中文 as a teenager? I mean I don't expect to be fluent but a little bit better than people who learn at age 20 and.older?

  3. Putchapong Kittitulakanon

    A this present chinese language is one of the most important language in the world..

  4. Tuan Quoc Nguyen

    in the Rapping Chinese I saw some Cantonese words. Do you have this kind of software for Mandarin, please give the link to download. 多谢!

  5. noni5164

    i hv an account in google but i don't know how to added ur group.

  6. Kerisa Reesa

    Looks interesting, wonder how it compares to Rosetta Stone

    Free Chinese-English-Spanish language lessons and Practice.
    How to join QT:
    1. Download QQ Talk (Google it, it's free)
    2. Login: QQ Password & ID
    3. Room number 【3110393】
    QQ Group: 190163000 (Global Languages)
    Helping each other learn language!

  7. Yukeelam

    Is the material in Mandarin or Cantonese? I'm after Cantonese material?

  8. Greg West

    I love learn with kids staff , i already learn English,Japonese and Spanish now chinese always i combine kids cds and dvd. ha I am brazilian

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