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  1. Naveen Chilaka

    Vandanamulu ayya

  2. Saucy Fredo

    Pray for me I lost my Gainz this week . The flu hit me now I’m 8 pounds lighter .

  3. Little Sunshine

    My grandpa died two years ago but I still remember him and I listen to this song when I get sad. I hope if one of your family members is sick or hurt that they get better.😌😔😢p.s i miss you so much grandpa I love you😻😿😿😿😿😿🤝🙏🙏I pray for you

  4. Sue Zilla


  5. kemz mama

    Just the song I needed to hear….was almost giving up

  6. Carline Jaboin


  7. Sam Cumpston


  8. Geidy Esther Guarayo Vasquez

    Me encantaaaa!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤💪bendiciones desde Bolivia😍

  9. Gage Printy-Myers

    One time for 2020

  10. BJ Rosales

    I need to hear this song

  11. Jasmine Adele

    What is family the only people you know you trust anything too. Hey you may have a don’t worry I’ll find you.

  12. Try prod.

    2020 anyone? Drop a like..🤗

  13. Atila Lima

    Who's listening in January 2020? God bless everyone… From Brazil…

  14. Sumerian

    Lecrae points out Jesus as the center.
    Praise the LORD

  15. Jennifer Duarte Vieira

    To Bryce gowdy a fellow friend that died from suicide 🖤

  16. Infinity STAR

    With God's grace even in 2020

  17. Extreme Tag tv

    Hit the like button if Jesus is your lord and savior🙏🙏

  18. Boyle Heights 323

    When I see this I can see my son getting up from that bed and dancing his was to heaven with my mom and his friends hes lost ad his cousin who died a month before he was born I miss you son so bad but I know your free from the sickness that took you from me and when it's my time I know you'll come get me and well dance our way up to heavens ❤

  19. Shirlena Dotson

    My daughter love this song 24-7

  20. Saniece Robinson


  21. MikeyDayrit

    I’m recently trying to deal with my mom becoming critically ill and this song truly relates to the situation me and my family are going through. God got us. 🙏🏽❤️

  22. cornflakes game Channel

    2020 anyone

  23. Sue Zilla

    💚with Joy giants all fall down. Rise; Already Successful💛👍

  24. Tajanae Surratt


  25. Tajanae Surratt

    Tajanae Edth came over my head with me and her first name is that I was in

  26. Tajanae Surratt

    Hye tajanae surratt miss calma

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