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  1. David Tucker


  2. TheDjNoble

    Great song

  3. andrey simon

    парни вам респект

  4. andrey simon

    как у нас в России также 🙂

  5. CrikeyMate

    Sure is a good song, and good looker too, keep it up buddy…….. xx

  6. RaspberryKing

    Cause tyrone are minters

  7. 32 CSR Gaming

    that is a fine girl in the magazine

  8. Brea Byrne

    ALL I CAN SAY TO YOU MATE IS                   FIRST CLASS                                                                                 DJ JOHNNY LEE 26yrs aDJ           IRELAND

  9. Jasmin Magill

    Hes just perfection!!❤👌❤

  10. mike kavanagh

    Good Singer.

  11. rustyshimpmacduddiee

    You were great at the wee Rathmullan festival. Loved the song ya ended with. It was an original one you wrote and was about being Irish and the intro included drinking tea. Haha hope things are looking up for your group 🙂 love to hear more

  12. gerard grant

    Lee matthews is the top man .what a song . 

  13. Kevin Wade

    Hi Lee great song it a great dancing tune great job lee love it kevin

  14. Theo Masius

    great song , i love it, fantastic , go on Lee.

  15. Henry Hume

    why do all the good singers come from Co. Tyrone

  16. Aoife O' Connor

    Amazing lee keep up great work

  17. Lisa Stelges

    I love this song way to much!!! Xx ❤

  18. Karl friel

    Excellent lee vocals,video and entertainment value proud of you as always

  19. patricia rankin

    Well dne lee, bril song 🙂

  20. CountrynIrish

    Great Song ! Love it ! It is very well written & sung, with nice lyrics, and is ideal for dancing ! Magnificent Video ! It is beautifully filmed, and really suits the music ! Thank you so much Lee for sharing this fabulous upload ! 5*+

  21. PePPeR DowElite


  22. petersgoldenhits

    Great song and sound keep it up see you the next night your in the Glencarn Castleblayney

  23. Megan Mc Daid

    Loved it well keeper lit lee love ya xx

  24. Bro 046

    fantastic Lee! Well done lad

  25. Sean Campbell

    Great video. .good vocal ..good luck lee…..

  26. Sean Campbell

    Great video. .good vocal ..good luck lee…..

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