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  1. Edwin Leo

    All plays from ranked games! (before the urf part at the end)
    So maybe it's a bit lack of fancy



  3. Thiti Phewkharm

    The hardest thing for my lee sin is how to kick R to the other enemy . I always miss it but this channel teach me a lot of trick for lee sin . Love from Thai fans (My English is quite of bad)

  4. Jud9ement Jud9ement

    well. Which one is wich? xd

  5. Open Win


  6. Twenty Smiles

    I don't have words to explain this video, you're the best bro

  7. Yuk Lung Leung

    00/20 chinese insec

  8. anônimo ahh

    What inspiration in secondary rune is good for.lee instead of domination?

  9. S Giddy ツ

    Wondeful. Best Lee China 😘

  10. alex galan

    Main lee sin platinum 3 euw, and i see this skills literally imposible for me rn. Im shocked

  11. S D

    He's Name is YuWenTianGe(御文天哥)
    He is One of the Best Lee sin in China.
    im so Love him in S6 and watching him to learn lee sin.

  12. Swiss Choco

    When you realize this guy is LightYears Above your skills lmfao

  13. Joker

    2:07 lol

  14. ABC XYZ

    fuck dog china cao ni ma

  15. mustapha hadj brahim

    Best vid see him ever

  16. MKDream

    still better than na lee sins even without fancy insecs

  17. Nishimiya Shoko

    Hi leo, how to fix slowhand lee, i thougj i play lee fast enough but actually its too slow, and almost all of the game i fail to kick ward like u

  18. Stefa

    0:17 Still dont know what is going on

  19. Florian Z.

    Why is there always " – wegame" in chat.

  20. cheeks

    I wish the gold looked like that in NA , big and noticeable

  21. Apostle Of War

    what is ur elo ?

  22. oliveros jirad

    Why in pbe server have urf?

  23. IGNACIO Torres

    Amazing bro

  24. Ventor


  25. sim0n_

    new, the most op item on lee sin is qss

  26. Mehmet Türkmen

    Edwin you have lee Master point?

  27. Kuz on

    2:17 is insec

  28. asd 123

    how do u get little timers on the map for buffs and for drakes ?

  29. Adolf Gartner

    well played for sure but kinda boring that you are smufing/always at least 2 level ahead even above top.

  30. Seyit

    what do you buy ionia boots for?

  31. bubka

    was laughing much times. i am too slow to even try to repeat this.

  32. Ömer Yolcu

    how u can see time and heal for jungle camp

  33. league of penta

    who missed the chinese insec ?
    like if u did

  34. YourMoraleBoosterTV

    Runes masteries pls

  35. macky hiku

    I feel normal

  36. cheeks

    Whag are those timers on jungle camps? And like hp hovering? App?

  37. Батя Медведь

    Nice 16-1, 15-2, very good video..

  38. BLINK n DIE

    This is now under my saved and liked folder named Lee Sin God

  39. Ace Zed

    Wait how tf he has 15% cdr with no items ?

  40. Muay Thai Kick Leesin YT Channel

    Long Time No Montages i miss your video so much.♥

  41. Đức An

    làm màu chủ yếu

  42. Hải Hồ

    link music ad

  43. Phu Nguoi Am

    Ghê vcl=)))

  44. Mathisse Mouret

    This guys, is just amazing

  45. Frozen Frost


  46. 잃어버린발자취

    Chinese Múa Lee khét v

  47. CanX3r


    Oww the Game is Crashing ! 0:15

  48. Eternity Montage

    3:00 song pls and the last one

  49. Muhammed Yücegönül

    Leesin fail insec montage pls. ı love it

  50. Victor López

    Sin duda el mejor lee sin del mundo 😎

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