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  1. Local Joke

    Well, Im rather disappointed.

    Where are your awesome fans?
    Their stories of battle?
    Every scar counts.

    WTF are your warriors?

    Just kidding, maybe you'll have better luck with the next release. I'm enjoying it. There's still plenty of time for me to come up with something for you.

  2. ༒Eᴘɪᴄ MᴜsɪᴄBrz༒

    Épico lindo Demais 🇧🇷❤️

  3. George Bruno Costa Bastos Santos


  4. Andrea Petrovici

    Awesome , one hour of epic, heroic, emotional,  battle songs from the masterwork of composer Dwayne Ford ! Is this the complete set of all songs from Album " Legend VIII " ? Super !

  5. Madalena Rocha

    Super Épica!!! Belíssimas músicas de Dwayne Ford. É emocionante!!🎶🎵🎹🎻🌟💫💯🎧

  6. Scorpions Hunter

    A black Warden stand alone in middle of the castle been surrounding by enemy and flames, a samurai general said :
    " Surrender! You forces have been destroyed, only you left! "
    The black warden inserted his sword into the ground and then looked in the direction of the general, then looked around his surroundings, then he put he sword up slowly and ready to fight. The general found it strange, the person standing in front of him was not only a soldier, not just a warrior, it was something more than that. The general asked:
    " what you name ? "
    The black warden answer :
    " We're a Warden. We serve our masters with bones, blood, flesh and swords! We're don't have name."
    The general bowed respectfully to the Warden then say:
    " Then i will call you ' Kowareta tsubasa o mostu tenshi ' !"
    The battle begun and the Samurai have to retreat, the King of Knights came into the castle and shocked, the Warden still survive, he still fight and holds the castle in 3 day with an arrow all over his back, a sword and spear in his chest but he still standing, holding he swords. The Warden slowly put the sword, spear and arrow out his body then come to the King. He bowed his head to the king and knelt down to speak:
    "The castle have been protected, Your Majesty! but these loyal soldiers died, I hope we can do something to honor them." The Warden say with hoarse and painful voice.
    The King gave Warden a cold look and turned around speak :
    "Why won't you die too?"
    The king left without a care for the Warden who tried to fight for him but have to carry all suffered pain and wounds.
    The Warden Looking at the king who is leaving, but The Warden is not angry or hatred for the king, he slowly goes to bury every soldier sacrificed to protect the castle. The sky began to rain. The Warden looked up to the sky and prayed for his warriors. A shadow appeared, asking:
    "Why didn't you kill him?"
    the Warden answer: "I'm Warden, I never betrayed my king."
    The black shadow said: "Even if he betrays you?"

    (This is post from my other comments, i think this story may fit the back ground, love you video. )

  7. Rebbecah Israel

    Love it 💙💛💚🎵🎼🎶

  8. Al M

    This made my day, thank you 🥰

  9. Local Joke

    I can't wait to hear this after work. I'm shakin in my boots, lol.
    Hopefully you authors out there,
    Feel inspired enough to leave some awesome pieces.

  10. Clayton with a K

    Lazy bastardized knight sleeping on sword.

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