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  1. Jose Gamell

    cuanta mierda hacen estos indues por un leopardo, si lo dejaran en paz se iria. Ya les esta bien que los ataque

  2. Instal.apl. Aplikacije

    Stuped people!!!

  3. Dat 1 Song

    1 million indians vs 1 cat

  4. vivek gangwar

    India is having lots of leopard living with people giving kisses and hugs eachother

  5. Park ChimChim

    The leopard was just scared and because of the people screaming that's maybe why he attacked some people

  6. king pin


  7. Duyen La

    let him the leopard free !

  8. Iceyy 2K

    People: sees Vicious animal attacking people

    Also people: runs towards it

  9. Saida Rafi

    the wildest people on the planet,

  10. Khadija Aweys

    Those people deserve it! They were trying to capture it in a net. Poor leopard hope it made it to its home safely! 💗

    Those people disgust me with their behaviour!😡

  11. gerry whelan

    That's the difference between a mountain lion and a leopard, total aggression attack mode, Mt. Lion would never show that aggression in trying to escape, but leopard attacks everyone it can in sight, Mt lion would be in running mode not attack and running mode.

  12. akansha

    Reverse the situation and think who is right. If someone kidnaps you from your family and use you for their amusement and need

  13. akansha

    Very good. If you disturb the nature. You will have to face the consequences.

  14. Asmita Ukarande

    If you're gonna disturb or scare it it's obviously gonna come at you😑😑

  15. Ninja Warrior _

    😅🤪 Love that punjabi slang in the background

  16. oodapiks

    this is why you open carry an ar15

  17. Maria Siddiquie

    The commentary was hilarious by the man holding the camera

  18. Warrior Patriot

    Madarjat people don't disturb wild life. Gandu..

  19. Pennywise


  20. Chiranjib Pani

    It’s actually a serious problem in India.Some places have leopard inside the City they are just staying there before the city was build and they are master at hiding. You can see footage on YouTube where a leopard snatched a puppy or kitten from the road in broad daylight. But when a leopard came into site there are thousands of people gather around just to see it and that becomes dangerous as the leopard or tiger or whatever the animal is its already terrified and this type of incident happens there..

  21. Captain Coolz

    Poor Leopards. I don’t care for these people. They are in it's habitat. End of. if you were captured you would want to hit the capturer and escape. That is exactly what the Leopards are doing.

  22. Only One Cannoli

    A healthy leopard population is necessary for the proper conservation and management of the Indian population. No different than wolves and white-tailed deer.

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