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  1. Devin Haddox

    2:12:06. Is my peak for 2020. Nothing better then being called out by your favorite artists

  2. the tobster

    I missed it nooo

  3. Keane Lucas Mari Ocampo

    Jt Music Best

  4. zOmBiiKiLLeR2

    Starts at 3:37

  5. Holly Cook

    Will there ever be a hollow knight rap?

  6. Charlett Sophine

    I gotta say there were so many Songs in 2019 that I absolutely loved
    Like the Joker song, the Blair Witch Rap, Resident evil 2 Rap, No keeping Secrets, Feel like Fertilizin and so many more. I basically like all of your songs and you guys are the best, to me skull is by far the most unique and best rapper
    Thank you for an awesome 2019! ❤️
    For all the work and passion you put into your music and I hope you and everyone else will have an awesome 2020! Thx for inspiring people!

  7. Mihai Itineant


  8. ddashzz the darkness

    I like your resident evil 2 RE rap and the Mr x! I love it so much that I hear it every night!❤️

  9. Charleigh Kipling

    I wish Skull could do the Mei vs Pyro Rap live with Andrea

  10. Shinigami Tenshi


    This is a random comment but I hope everyone has a good year

  11. Shinigami Tenshi


  12. The Flyingchicken23

    Yeeee a giveaway

  13. KaiTV TVKai

    Greetings from Germany, i'm a big fan of your awesome music, keep working, you're great! EDIT: And thx for every new song! 👍🏻

  14. Dimitri Rodriguez


  15. Golden Ghost Gavin

    I just wanna say im probably the only one who recognized the change in your voice in raps after the DOOM rap

  16. Aztecia

    This stream kicked ass. <3 Thanks boys. – Az TECK ia.

  17. Wolfie Animations

    Hi there

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