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  1. 유선혜

    You are the one who shows inner and exterior beauty at the same time and your saying really helped me a lot

  2. susiesue321

    Wait, what? You are going to be the cofounder of a skincare range??? I LOVE the sound of that!!!

  3. Corinna Lázaro

    Thank you Sanne for this video! I really loved it, I think if you want to be happy with others, firstly you have to be happy with yourself, connect mind and body and relax, I like the quote "everything happens for a reason" and that's true, we don't need to worry about everything that happens in our life, we have to keep on and learn💓

  4. Lauren Edge

    Honestly, I’m yet to watch a video by Sanne that isn’t inspirational I’m some way. ❤️

  5. Emily D

    You're amazing! Very excited to be part of your wellness month x

  6. Evi Ster

    Hi Sanne!! You are so beautiful inside and outside!! Your channel is inspirational!! I want to see your schedule workout in a week!! Greetings from Greece!!!💕

  7. Lora Lee

    Adding meditation would be great! And it sounds so much fun to do a meet & greet meditation in LA. I would be interested since I live in LA.

  8. VoLpe Rossa

    amazing video!

  9. Hey I'm Sophia

    you’re moving to LA? aww ive always wanted to meet u in Ny (cause i live here) but its nice that you are doing meet and greets in LA

  10. Rebecca Raden

    I'd really like to see a video discussing how to best get ready for sleep, not only how one preps their skin for bed but their mind for bed.

  11. Maria Gabriela Cobre

    I loved watching this video 😊😊☺️ !! Talking about wellness is very important today , because with our routine we end up not having time to take care of ourselves 💖

  12. Kristina Bardina

    I looooove your channel. I keep me going to kick the bad habits. thank you)

  13. ειρηνη κουμανδρακη

    I love that you share these kind of thoughts with us…Sometimes it helps me to cope with my own wellness, and find things that may also help me❤💓

  14. 东海龙王

    love sanne always 。

  15. Sadthoughts

    Taking care of yourself is so important. Thank u for talking about it.🥰

  16. Bitupan Wellness Project

    Now that's something really sensible. Truly appreciate.!!

  17. Greyer Baby

    This made me cry. Sobbed like a baby. I put so much pressure on myself to do it all and be perfect and the stress and anxiety is crushing. Thank you, I feel like you have given me permission to step back and make some positive steps towards wellness.

  18. m o


  19. Sarah onwater

    That was really nice. Which are your favourite cruelty free skincare and makeup products?

  20. Clélia Ordinaire

    I was streching, eyes closed, while listening to your voice and your thoughts and your kind words and the waves. For me, it is also a sort of wellness: taking time to breathe, focus on the present moment, listening to inspiring words. I thank you again for this freshness and advice that you share in each one of your videos. Also, I adored that "achoo" moment ;p Love from France, Clélia Xx

  21. Lolitaloliops

    Have a walk , let the sun on your face , have a breath , have a matcha -All those things are vital to well being.Just small pleasures to take a moment just be , no wild though just inner peace and you will find all those things become THE meditation .. love

  22. Parandzem Hayrikyan

    Dear Sanne can you please share with us your favorite music?

  23. rachvong

    bless you

  24. A One Spa Services

    I am spa therapist

  25. A One Spa Services

    U r very cute

  26. Frank Mojiavio

    Nice attitude

  27. Haley Mac

    Dang Sanne….Where that podcast be at?!?! 😄👍🏻❤️

  28. Happy Homemaker

    Love all your videos…can't wait for your cooking videos…cooking is my favorite hobby…even though I'm 62 I really enjoy your "what I eat in a day" videos and your skincare videos BUT no doubts all of your videos are Great💟

  29. Parandzem Hayrikyan

    I'm sure you'll love meditating!

  30. Ram Prakash

    Sanne Really beautiful viedo as
    like U.with pretty voice.😀

  31. Lalita Kongthong

    Nice video to start my day. Thanks Sanne!

  32. Ayla Marika Saxton

    The beach is my favorite place also 🌊 ☀ 🌴
    Salty skin, Sun beaming, Waves Crashing, fresh air! Love love love 💕 🌟 💕 🌟 💕
    My Motto for 2020 is "just do it" & "focus on ourselfs not others"
    2019 was to much procrastinating which caused Anxiety, and thinking about other people's problems to much, so I feel these sayings will be great for me and my husband for 2020 💕 🌟 I think having sayings that are inspiring rather then goals is alot more informative for us and our souls, 2020 goals are great but realistically……..💕
    I love your content xxx
    Love from Australia

  33. Margaret Gass

    I love this! Thank you so much for talking about this, and sharing this! It is so nice to hear someone finally talk about resting your body and mind, and being kind and gentle with yourself!

  34. Barb Robbins

    I definitely need to learn how to meditate. Looking forward to all of your wellness videos.

  35. Linda Logan

    Yes we should have a meet up group that would be awesome! 😊🧘🏼‍♀️

  36. moofushu

    I feel you might benefit from the teachings of Alan Watts. I sometimes listen to him to relax. You can find audio recordings of him here on youtube. He also authored many books if you are so inclined. Anyway, best wishes.

  37. Smiley

    u r so beautiful person inside and outside

  38. elizabeth lopez

    Inspiring video! You are such a positive person! Can’t wait to see another wellness video!🙂

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