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  1. Jose Capuras

    WOW!!! Human form embodying a quantum wave function… unpredictable yet entangled… kinetic and magnetic!

  2. lilefanvids

    Tears, so many tears. This is so beautiful.

  3. Paul Voas

    Is there more?

  4. Kev Memphiz

    Born and raised in the same places

  5. marially3

    Beauty in motion

  6. Vincent Pinson

    Very nice dancer et video. Someone knows the name of this dance step at 3:03?

  7. Novella

    Found out about this from the powerful, small book We Can’t Breathe. Well worth reading. This is stunning. He looks like a cubist painting at 1 pt. Amazing talent.

  8. Marc_jourdan Duplessis

    Je l ai regardé mille fois 🙌🏼je n arrive pas à m en lasser!

  9. Vincent Pinson

    Beautiful video, someone knows the name of this tricks at 3:03

  10. smug anime girl

    this is so beautiful

  11. christina malhotra

    Brilliant! aaannnddd the magic at 2:30

  12. Thanks! Beatiful!

  13. Robin Burnes

    Oh, what joy! Thank you for the beautiful music, filming and of course the beautiful young man!

  14. Yelinca Saldeño Madero


  15. Ugly Supreme

    This actually made me cry 🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. Elba Cabanillas

    and this is why I love the art of dance. so much said without a word spoken.

  17. vbeniaminov

    He's magnificent!! Bravo sir, you create true art with movement.

  18. clinardsculpture

    absolute artistry…lil buck…you're a brilliant young artist. keep at it. big love

  19. Defne Ayhan

    I can watch this, until the day I die! beyond words, AMAZING!!!! WOW!!!

  20. trueaudience

    This is so beautiful and addictive, it makes my heart yearn and tears of joy, this is humanity when it moves you deeply. ❤️

  21. andrew gonsalves

    this is what the world needs

  22. Tiffany Johnson

    Lovely dancing!

  23. Mati Sse


  24. Cande FernandezT

    OMG 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  25. B. H a t c h / N E W * W A V E


  26. Craig Merkey

    I saw this a few years a go… I am so excited to find it again… I keep having to stop it b/c my eyes are filled with tears… so beautiful!

  27. Chelsea M

    WHEN ART IMITATES LIFE, AND LIFE IMITATES ART! Watching this man is absolutely breathtaking, every time. Thank you, Lil Buck, for sharing and pushing the boundaries of your talent and your art.

  28. DREW

    This is awesome!

  29. Alli Alhamoud

    this guy is incredible!!

  30. 조보권

    자막이 한국어네ㅋ


    It looks like he goes to tip-toe, beyond just the balls of his feet. I can do that bare-foot, but not in shoes. In shoes, the material dents in. Are there particular brands or styles of shoes that have a stronger front-end?

  32. Arline Jernigan


  33. Татьяна Лутовинова

    Очень красиво! Благо Дарю! КАЖДЫЙ ЧЕЛОВЕК ГАРМОНИЯ!

  34. Adam Atteya

    can somebody tell me the music name or where can i find it?

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