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  1. Silverblacksky 01


  2. Ace Hardy


  3. Wallace McDonut

    Really don't like PK Subban. He's so full of himself. He might wanna spend some time learning how to maintain possession of the puck. He ain't doing too well for NJD. @3:30 is just plain uncomfortable, disrespectful and unclassy. Grow up man, treat your woman with respect. She's not there to be mauled on camera. This relationship won't last. A-typical of this kind of dude who thinks he owns his woman. It's 2019 PK, grow up.

  4. hughcdavies

    Star of the show Lucy https://youtu.be/SFQd4syK2CI?t=390

  5. Darius Gray


  6. Ken Munroe

    Apparently one person doesn't like farro. Lindsey continues to be an amazing person off the slopes and good luck with your worthy foundation.

  7. 1234 86

    Nobody cares mud shark

  8. Nele 123

    Perfect way to end the weekend😍🙏

  9. anatolyex

    You  need your fingers…That sounded very erotic 😉

  10. Go Pack Go !!!!!

    2nd to watch. Also LOVE YOU LINDSEY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ AND HAPPY ENGAGEMENT

    Edit: Thank you so much for responding to my comment on a previous video

  11. Jackson Guddall

    Boom 💥 first to watch

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