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  1. Jeffrey Payne

    Beautiful, message 👏👏👏

  2. Motivation Empires

    I love your videos ❤ they are the best. I'm going through alot in my life but everyday I try to stay positive. Its very hard but your videos motivate me so much

  3. Dr. Geri Kruckenberg

    As always Lisa, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sarah L. Webb

    Yay! Louisiana in the house! Hi Imani!

  5. Basheerah Muhaimin

    Absolutely beautiful video and message it is a reminder to us that our children are our future we have been placed on his physical plane to teach them yet they remind us of Who We Are continue with all the beautiful success that you have in you are enjoying I love you and I respect you yours truly bashira one day I will meet you

  6. Elliot'Carrie Moore

    Thank you for this information!! Both glasses are flawless and skin is gorgeous. Love & Respect! 💙

  7. Uylonda Daley

    You have inspired me in sooooo many ways, it’s like food to my body; I look forward your encouragement and it just keeps me going.#thankslisa#greatful#

  8. la REcreativa

    Yrs yes dear Lisa I AM PERFECT HEALTH Happy artist from punta del este Uruguay

  9. Ebery Chifumbe

    "Health and wellness is not optional". Thanks for this video Lisa. I will make sure to take care of my future♥️

  10. Eve Phillips

    I agree very good sentiments expressed Lisa!💥😊✌🏼

  11. Shannon Braxton

    This was beautiful.

  12. ravi kumar

    Workouts, lots of water, sleep, nutrition (just not tasty food) must be life long habits to have great health.

  13. Carla Alvarez

    You have inspired me so much! I am so grateful for you ❤️

  14. Michelle Green

    We have to invest in ourselves. Then we can live by examples. Thanks great video.

  15. Erika K

    Yes ! Taking care of ourselves, our health, now, because we care about our future, because we love ourselves, we put ourselves first ♡ taking care of ourselves is self-love

  16. Rebecca Howard

    I was just talking about this with my mother 😊!🙂 I just bought your book today too!..,So I feel like God is leading me in the right direction 😁♥️

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