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  1. JamieBuz


  2. ren1819

    Stumbled upon this song from a commercial for a karaoke singing app… I wondered what it was? At first i thought it was a girl wanting another girl but after listening and reading the lyrics I realize it has a deeper meaning… great song…

  3. Jeana Latiolais

    I wish you were on my mind because you seem really good so you are fine

  4. karen pleasanton

    Love this song and the rythem but I no never miss a girl we lol

  5. chase l

    I don't think it's a queer anthem because the intention or the lyrics or the artist. But I do consider it a queer anthem because it reminds me of the girl I like and describes in clarity how I feel about her minus the parts about her being with someone else. The tragic and somber mood of the song is like the feeling when you want to be with her but either can't because she doesn't feel the same or maybe others wouldn't approve or perhaps you can but you're so in love you can't stop thinking about them. Love is universal and art is in the eye of the beholder. A song will always have the primary purpose of what the artist was trying to convey but what it means to the individual may be entirely new. It's hard to find a powerful, strong, beautiful, and lamentful song in mass media that captures so perfectly the heartbreak and swooning that comes with loving a woman who does or doesn't want you and they possess your every though. This song is transcendent and the emotions relatable to wlw mlm wlm all around. It doesn't cheapen the original meaning for queer people to identify with this song but instead speaks to the incredible nature of it as well as the genius of the artist. In this essay I will…

  6. Stacy Pruett


  7. Fin Hor

    Who is sick of people asking,Who's listening in 2019?

  8. Julie Baker

    Gay song

  9. Cakey Koutour

    This song 💙💙💙

  10. Sara McDowell

    This song can work as a lesbian relationship too. A male pronoun is never said.

  11. Andrea Castillo

    that feeling when you’re a girl who can relate to this song but the difference is that you’re jealous of your ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend 🥺

  12. MSM reviews

    Here because of Harry Styles

  13. Hayln

    still here in 2019! my bus driver used to play this song while everyone on the bus would sing along! what a amazing song

  14. Agape Love

    Stupid devil song.

  15. andrew hernandez

    Harry styles did it better 🛑🧢

  16. Adale Brown

    I could listen this song over and over …

  17. Raymond Cook

    This is the #1 song bought by Lesbians.

  18. Marissa C

    I didn't know this song existed and I wish I didn't. You don't have a crush you are jealous. It's not the same thing.

  19. Simian Unlucky

    58k homophobes disliked this.

  20. ¡Da Boi King Pickles!

    I relate to this song

    Of course I’m male

  21. Dexter Pataytay

    Sounds like Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

  22. 01emercado01

    My earphones got damaged and it only picks up the background vocals clearly and drowns out the main singer and honestly the effect is haunting. The woman sounds so far away, like a memory, while the Male singers sound so vivid and close.

  23. Corine Castillo


  24. Carly Edwards

    I was honestly a little disappointed that this wasn't a gay country song… We need more of those

  25. Daniel D

    I have a song crush

  26. Jaye Remaly

    Y'all remember when this was a whole controversy?😂😂

  27. Leticia Scott

    Sorry but if I felt like this.. no crush. Ur not with me. Pray for me to get over this guy. NEVER. Girl u can have his sorry ass. 👍👍

  28. Claire Jedry

    I do not have a crush on someone elses man, but I 💜 this song! Saw them @rodeohouston.

  29. BEGLI orazlyyew


  30. Joe Carter

    Love this song

  31. Brandyce Wonderland


  32. Old Fashion Mommy

    I honestly wouldnt even write or sing a song like this. Women make their own selves look like a pitty show. If women spent more time building their selves up in a mans eyes than makeing us look weak …things would be alot better off. And women wonder why men treat ladys the way they do in 2019?🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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