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  1. Абылай Сериков

    0:56 music plz

  2. Xanım Əliyeva

    This is not true,people

  3. Yato Kami

    The rules : dont give male a make up

  4. Ito na

    It's a trap but your skills is bravo men bravo

  5. Femur _02

    This kid makeup skill is DAMMMN

  6. Plushies Zerozero

    Oh well
    Here we go again
    UNZIP……….. PANT

  7. 『kumiko』久美子

    he do makeup better than me lol

  8. Minh A Gay


  9. Martial Art

    Amazing 👍

  10. Heather Rapley

    OMFG!! I'M LOVIN Your skills and YOUR AWESOME LOOKS!! 😍😍😘😘

  11. diana jayson

    How old are he and do make up better the my older sister

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